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Courage in the workplace

February 28th 2022

Christian 'Boo' Boucousis is a force of nature who can start or close any event and engage an audience like none other, he is a genuinely inspirational keynote speaker. His Deep Performance keynote unpacks courage and the role it plays in creating trust as a team, and what we can do to develop the courage to commit to our convictions, to connect to our purpose and do purposeful things each and every day.

Digital Virtual Conference Manager, Waldron Smith Management

Christian Boucousis - Testimonials

Boo's presentation was a breath of fresh air, and a welcome change from the normal dry delivery. His story definitely struck a chord.

Become a fighter pilot for the day

November 1st 2021

We're offering you the chance to fly in an Albatros L-39 Fighter Jet! The jet that is used to train real fighter pilots! Confirm a booking with Christian 'Boo' Boucousis before the end of 2021 for your chance to secure this amazing life-changing experience!

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