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The Digital Transformation Deadline

September 29th 2015

According to futurist and bestselling author Mike Walsh, the big issue for leaders in 2016 will be digital transformation. Customers are changing. Competitors are circling. Employees are evolving. In Mike's view, without a plan for digital transformation, your company is living on borrowed time. 

Making Better Travel Decisions with Big Data

October 31st 2013

The real issue with big data today is not defining what it is, but from a business perspective, knowing how to get value from it. Here's my take. Big data is not about big technology - it's just about making better decisions.

Future Of Retail

August 6th 2013

In this profile on the future of retail and consumer innovations, author and futurist Mike Walsh talks about the influence of social media on consumer behavior. He uses real-life examples like Japan's Tokyo Girls collection, which enables attendees to use their cell phones to scan the dresses they see and instantly order them. This segment appeared on Carte Blanche, a South African TV current affairs program.

What Does It Take To Be A Futurist?

July 16th 2013

What Do You Think It Takes To Be A Futurist? 

What will be the office of the future?

March 19th 2013

What will be the office of the future? We were told that new technology would allow us to work from home, meet virtually and avoid travel – but if anything, as Yahoo employee recently found out – offices spaces are becoming more important and we are travelling more than before. The answer as to why may have as much to do with emerging ideas about innovation as an economic theory from the 19th century – Jevon's Paradox

Footage sourced from Cassidy Turley's State Of Real Estate 2013.

Mike Walsh

Mike Walsh is a futurist and leading authority on the intersection of emerging technologies, consumer behaviour and fast growth markets.

Unleashing Your Molecules Of Change

June 13th 2012

Why do some companies survive crises, and others simply crumple? And stranger still, why is innovation alone not enough? Yahoo, RIM, and HP all unleashed serious resources on R&D initiatives, innovation departments, and expensive strategy advisors and yet all three firms nevertheless now circle dark and uncertain fates. Part of the problem is that leaders favour big solutions for big problems, whereas in nature as well as business - change first begins at the molecular level.

A Revolutionary Shift

April 23rd 2012

As a futurist, Mike Walsh doesn’t discuss gadgets or technology. His interest is in human behaviour and how the modern world is shaping our society.

In just a few years, the majority of consumers will have never known a world without the internet. How does this shape their expectations of product both digital and physical?

Web Services That Are Changing The Way We Work

February 17th 2011

My clients often ask me which web services I use and why. At first, I advocated the Cloud as a way of saving money and avoiding cruel and unnatural suffering at the hands of in-house IT. But after a while, I realised that the most disruptive impact created by the Cloud was not the death of traditional software, but rather a potential transformation in the way we work, collaborate and engage with clients. The Cloud was a behavioural rather than a technological revolution. Many of the insights that emerged from my discussions with companies, both big and small – seemed at first counter intuitive. For example – why would sharing private data yield new patterns for profitability, outsourcing business processes back to your clients provide them with a sense of control, or avoiding work actually result in you being more productive? Anyway enough with the preamble – here is my list of the top nine Cloud services that have both changed the way I work, and more importantly, the way I think about it.

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