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Keeping your company engaged in society

May 7th 2019

There are increasing expectations for business to be engaged in and relevant to the issues facing modern society. Consumers say they want business to take a more active stand on social issues.

So how does a business engage effectively in society and at the same time truly win more customers and talent because of it?

Purpose Drives Employee Performance

March 5th 2019

The research shows that when people work with a sense of purpose that they perform better in just about every metric that matters. The only questiona for us are: Do we know that purpose? And as leaders, are we doing things that activate that sense of purpose within our employees?

Dr John Izzo has spent the last 25 years mapping the face of performance drivers, and in turn has inspired organizations and leaders to embrace the mindset that creates and attracts purposeful, driven employees.

Odecast with Dr John Izzo

In this episode with speak about the Ta seismic shift happening in business which Dr John Izzo calls The Purpose Revolution, a radical desire for work to be about more than money and for our buying, employment, and loyalty connecting to a desire for meaning and social good. Those companies and leaders who respond to these expectations are engaging both employees and customers, creating fierce loyalty.

Master Facilitator

Master Facilitator

James is also an experienced and able panel facilitator who always ensures that the discussion is both informative and entertaining. He draws on his experience as a radio host and ex-criminal lawyer to ask the right questions at the right time. His television background as The New Inventors host enabled him to elicit all the relevant information and his unique brand of corporate comedy to keep it entertaining and engaging for the audience. 

Your contribution as leader of our panel on ethics was extremely well received. This contributed to the overall day and dinner being a hugely successful event.
- President, Australian Corporate Lawyers Association QLD

Express Travel Group

Lisa McInnes-Smith - Testimonials

A true professional, high-energy, inspiring and lots of fun. Lisa was the most engaged presenter we have ever had.

The importance of leadership in education

October 15th 2018

The education sector is currently undergoing so much change that the environment, roles and responsibilities of teachers is also changing dramatically.

Events & Corporate Travel Manager, ULINE

Mark Schulman - Testimonials

Mark's keynote was the perfect balance of business messaging and performance! His energy and enthusiasm are contagious!

Treasurer of Australia, Liberal Party of Australia

Stephen Koukoulas - Testimonials

As I go around and speak to the economists, I can't help but be drawn to Mr Koukoulas, who is well known to those on the other side of the House

Teaching for Tomorrow

Teaching for Tomorrow

How to equip today's students for the future

Students in classrooms today will enter a world very different to the one their teachers and parents have known.

In light of the uncertainty that lies ahead, it is more important than ever that educators keep their finger on the pulse of technological and societal trends in order to help students prepare for them.

Session overview

In this practical and highly relevant keynote presentation, audiences will learn:

  1. The key social and technology trends that will shape the future including artificial intelligence, robotics and automation
  2. The skills and competencies that young people will need in order to be future-fit
  3. Why and how education practices and paradigms must evolve in the coming years
  4. A range of proven and practical strategies for making classroom learning relevant to the next generation of learners

Audience members will leave this presentation with a clear action plan for engaging today’s students while equipping them for tomorrow.

Teaching for Tomorrow is an ideal stand-alone conference keynote or an extended half or full day program.

De-Coding the Millennial Mindset

De-Coding the Millennial Mindset

The essential guide to understanding and engaging the next generation

No organization or business can afford to ignore Millennials. In addition to being the largest generation in history, they possess over 30% of consumer spending power and make up half of the working population.

Having conducted one of the world’s most extensive studies into the defining attitudes and values of Millennials, Michael McQueen has a unique insight into the next generation.

Session overview

In this high-energy, humorous & compelling keynote presentation, audiences discover:

  1. The common myths and misconceptions many leaders and businesses believe about millennials (even if they don’t know it)
  2. The core beliefs, mindsets and expectations of next-generation consumers and employees
  3. The secret to engaging, persuading and motivating millennials
  4. A range of proven and practical strategies for being relevant to a younger cohort

Audience members will leave this presentation with a clear action plan for bridging the generation gap and powerfully engaging Millennials as either consumers or employees.

De-coding the Millennial Mindset is an ideal stand-alone conference keynote or an extended half or full day program.

Mastering the Art of Momentum

Mastering the Art of Momentum

The secret to achieving effortless and enduring growth

We all love being on a roll, in the zone and firing on all cylinders – that flow-state sensation where everything just seems to work.

But what happens when the groove becomes a rut, inspiration evaporates or your mojo disappears?

Enduring success and growth for any business today is dependent on building and maintaining unstoppable momentum.

Session overview

In this inspiring keynote presentation, audiences discover:

  1. The art and science of momentum – where momentum comes from and why it makes all the difference when you’ve got it working for you
  2. A practical and powerful formula for building momentum individually or in a team
  3. How to get into a flow state of peak productivity on a daily basis
  4. The role that focus and consistency play in ensuring a groove doesn’t become a rut over time

Audience members will leave this presentation with a clear action plan for achieving effortless growth and maintaining it over the long haul.

Mastering the Art of Momentum is an ideal stand-alone conference keynote or an extended half or full day program.

Preparing Now for What's Next

Preparing Now for What's Next

How to thrive in an age of disruption

Every business and industry today is facing a perfect storm of disruption and upheaval. In the face of the changes ahead, agility and adaptability will be more important than ever. The future success and survival of your organization will rest on the ability to anticipate, prepare for and pre-empt disruption.

In this fast-paced & compelling keynote presentation, audiences discover:

  • The 3 forms that disruption will take in the coming decade with a specific focus on the technology impacts of AI, robotics and augmented reality
  • The role millennials and Gen Z will play in redefining industry norms and consumer expectations
  • The common culture and mindset traps that will set any organization on a collision course with obsolescence – and how to avoid them
  • Proven and practical strategies for staying one step ahead of change and remaining relevant.

Audience members will leave this presentation with a clear action plan for navigating disruption and emerging stronger than ever.

Preparing now for what’s next is an ideal stand-alone conference keynote or an extended half or full-day program.

Unleashing Innovation & Agility

Breaking down organizational silos

Large organizations are waking up to the idea that silos don't work. When leaders and teams are required to work across departments, offices and even countries, cutting across silos and managing interdependencies is a critical skill. When deep internal relationships break down those silos, teams and leaders develop a culture of transparency and accountability that fosters innovation and promotes agility in thinking, processes and results.


  • How to engage teams and leaders in inter-organizational relationship building
  • Why agility is a critical success factor for modern organizations
  • Why silo-hopping transparency increases accountability and produces measurable results
  • When collaboration creates success in interdependent teams


Transforming the customer experience

Our new radically interdependent world has transformed how organizations work with their customers. While sales teams have always understood the importance of relationship building, customer experience has become a prime motivating force in sales decision making. The critical attributes of a high-performing sales team now relies on its approach to transforming the customer experience through collaborative selling.


  • How to achieve constant sales growth with collaborative selling
  • Understand how customer experience shapes the sales journey
  • How to build a collaborative customer relationship that maximizes sales
  • Grow large strategic accounts faster by aligning your sales ecosystem

Who's Got Your Back?

Disregard the myth of the lone professional “superman” and the rest of our culture’s go-it alone mentality. The real path to success in your work and in your life is through creating an inner circle of “lifeline relationships” – deep, close relationships with a few key trusted individuals who will offer the encouragement, feedback, and generous mutual support every one of us needs to reach our full potential. Whether your dream is to lead a company, be a top producer in your field, overcome the self-destructive habits that hold you back, lose weight or make a difference in the larger world, Who’s Got Your Back will give you the roadmap you’ve been looking for to achieve the success you deserve.

Never Eat Alone

In Never Eat Alone, Ferrazzi lays out the specific steps—and inner mindset—he uses to reach out to connect with the thousands of colleagues, friends, and associates on his contacts list, people he has helped and who have helped him. And in the time since Never Eat Alone was published in 2005, the rise of social media and new, collaborative management styles have only made Ferrazzi’s advice more essential for anyone hoping to get ahead in business.

Co-Head of Programming, Red Lightning

Keith Ferrazzi - Testimonials

Keith delivered one of the most heartfelt, inspirational, and useful talks that I attended while at Burning Man.

CMO, Airbnb

Keith Ferrazzi - Testimonials

Keith facilitates each event so that every guest walks away feeling a little more connected both with themselves and with the industry peer group they are part of.

SVP HR, Cheescake Factory

Keith Ferrazzi - Testimonials

You're going to be surrounded by incredibly bright, inspirational people that you will want to hang out with and that you will want to learn from.

Senior Manager, Accenture

Keith Ferrazzi - Testimonials

It fundamentally transformed the way our partners participate in a richer way.

VP of HR, Legal, Finance, Shared Services at Patagonia

Keith Ferrazzi - Testimonials

Keith has the rare gift of inspiring you to think deeper, dream bigger and, most importantly, bring more generosity to the people and communities that matter most to you.

President, General Motors North America

Keith Ferrazzi - Testimonials

I walked away yesterday with a new vigor. This was a real gift.

Founder & Executive Chairman of The XPRIZE Foundation

Keith Ferrazzi - Testimonials

Keith grabs their attention immediately and takes them on a ride where they will leave wanting not only to transform their teams, but transform their lives to be more honest, open and of service to others.

Organizations in Radical Transformation

Creating Sustainable Change by Making It Personal

Statistically speaking, transformation success remains stuck at 30%. Keith’s long established practices around changing organizational behavior will get you the rest of the way.

Each Challenge Talk is unique to its audience. ''Old way'' behaviors are addressed, with audience members beginning their transformation immediately. These changes are supported by ongoing coaching and feedback so measurable results can be identified from the moment Keith leaves the stage.


  • Identify the behaviors that need to change within the organization
  • Identify what "blockers" are hindering the "new way"
  • Identify the enablers that will make your "new way" a reality

Future of Work

Managing in a matrixed global organisation

Organizations are under pressure - pressure to transform and perform in the new matrixed, global and virtual working world. The future of work won't be driven by tech. It will be transformed by organizations who understand the leadership competencies required for the new work order. With years of experience, Keith Ferrazzi will show your organization how to build the teams and leaders of tomorrow.


  • Invigorated workforce that punches above its weight
  • Deeper collaboration across departments and disciplines
  • Greater accountability to each other for total team success
  • Jump start your organizational culture change to one of exponential growth

Health and the Future of Humanity

Health and the Future of Humanity

Better living through technology 

Could we live forever with the right technology? If that's possible, how far away is it, and what's our quality of life likely to be like? From miniaturised robot cameras in our bloodstream to remote operations performed by robots, Shara Evans gives audiences a roadmap for the future of health and humanity. 

Key Takeaways 

  • The technology trends healthcare businesses need to be aware of
  • How 3D bio-printing is set to change everything from drug development to limb replacements
  • How AI, regenerative medicine, genetic engineering and nanotech will open a new world of precision medicine
  • The impact of a healthier, longer living workforce on businesses
  • How nanotechnologies and augmentation of our bodies may change what it means to be human 

The Future of Cyber Security and Privacy

The Future of Cyber Security and Privacy

Rethinking the biggest threats of the digital age 

Is your business safe from future Cyber threats? What are the new attack vectors that can be used to disrupt your business? Facial recognition, emotion recognition, augmented reality, AI, drones, robots and the Internet of Things will radically change our world over the coming decade, but will these same technologies open up new attack vectors for cyber criminals? How will nanotechnology and augmentation of our bodies impact security and privacy? What shape will these emergent digital threats take in the next 3-5 years and beyond? 

Every organisation needs to be prepared for the dangers of the digital age... and for what's to come. 

Key takeaways 

  • Discover emergent threats that most organisations aren't prepared for 
  • The shape of cybersecurity in 2020 and beyond 
  • What every business owner and CEO needs to know about digital privacy 

Exec Manager Strategic Projects at Commonwealth Bank Group

Shara Evans - Testimonials

Shara provided a thought provoking and challenging presentation.

Product Manager – Fraud, Veda

Shara Evans - Testimonials

Shara’s opening keynote was a fantastic kick off for our Fraud Focus Forum.

Events Lead at Females in IT & Telecommunications

Shara Evans - Testimonials

Shara’s presentation was absolutely brilliant, interesting and engaging. I actually heard gasps in the audience they were so engaged.

Project Director – CeBIT, Hannover Fairs Australia

Shara Evans - Testimonials

I’d highly recommend Shara as a keynote speaker for any technology themed event.

Change Coordinator – Strategy & Operations at Telstra

Shara Evans - Testimonials

Shara delivered an outstanding keynote address, which since has created a buzz amongst our leaders

Product Development Executive, Congress, CPA Australia

Shara Evans - Testimonials

Shara has a natural stage presence and great ability to clearly explain complex issues and topics.

Emerging Technologies + Innovation

Emerging Technologies + Innovation

Robots. Drones. AI. AR. VR. Smart Cities. Renewable Energy. Space Travel.

Would you like to get ahead of the investment curve by gaining insight into hot industries of the future? Discover new opportunities for your business by harnessing future technology today. With flying robots + drone delivery becoming a reality, hyperloops being constructed around the world, and robots + AI replacing mundane repetitive roles, there's a new world ripe for the taking with emergent technologies.

In this fascinating and insightful keynote, Shara will:

  • Look at the major technology trends that your business can embrace today
  • Have you ever wondered what future cities might look like?
  • Understand new transport modes: driverless vehicles, flying taxis, hyperloops and even space travel!
  • See how drones, robots, AI, and augmented + virtual reality can reduce overheads and increase efficiency
  • Gain insights into alternative energy developments
  • Learn how companies around the world are using tech to innovate for competitive advantage
  • Help your organisation understand which technologies will impact your business in the next 3-5 years, and beyond

The Future of Work

The Future of Work

A glimpse into an automated future

Is your business ready for the robot uprising? In the very near future, the shape of our existing workforce will undergo rapid, massive change as automation, robotics and AI make repetitive manual work obsolete. At the same time, only businesses that focus on the creative potential of their human capital, and invest in upskilling and retraining will thrive.

Key takeaways

  • Learn about the many new jobs of the future + the skills they will require
  • Learn how robots, automation and AI will impact the workforce of the 2030s and our everyday lives
  • Find out if your business is at risk of disruption from automation
  • Understand new business opportunities brought about by emerging technologies
  • Learn why leveraging your existing workforce with reskilling and retraining is essential
  • Find out how technology will impact the Future of Humanity
  • Learn the 6 steps to avoiding a dystopian future

Winning the Purpose Focused Employee

March 2nd 2018

There is a war for top talent and not everyone is going to be a winner. According to the 2017 Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends report there are "widespread talent and skill shortages" making attracting the best talent a "top concern of business leaders." In this time of talent grab you need to ask:

What makes our organization stand out above the others?

Everyone’s a leader

March 2nd 2018

Even without the title of manager, director, CEO, everyone at every level of an organisation should be thinking like a leader, a proven tactic to improve organisational outcomes.

In this enlightening video from “Courage Under Fire” author Matina Jewell, we’re told how to shift the organisational mindset to one of pervasive leadership.

Branding in real estate

February 15th 2018

Flooded with options, where does one start when looking to purchase a property? The number one route is through word of mouth. Clever branding and a stellar experience can create endless strings of valuable leads. A few ingredients which I think would be essential, are:


A playbook for levelling up in work, leadership and life.

Most people never reap the rewards of living their full potential.

This series is an opportunity to help people step a little more into that potential by sharing the lessons that we’ve learnt from a decade spent teaching some of the world’s top performers at the most incredible organisations on the planet.

A guide and a playbook for the modern professional, these sessions are designed to help people to take control of their career and to make it count.

Key takeaways:

  • Learn to cultivate the critical skill of self-awareness
  • How to create routines & rituals that will improve your personal and professional performance
  • Find your internal grit and tough it out when talent isn't enough
  • Why talent stacking is the key to optimising you career trajector


A path to finding mastery, fulfilment and purpose at work

Drawing on exclusive interviews with notable performers, cutting edge insights from the fields of psychology and sociology along with tales from myth, the subject of meaning will be explored and distilled, offering a roadmap for how to manufacture a deep and resonant sense of meaning in one’s own life.

In brief, people are happier, healthier, more fulfilled when the following pillars of meaning are in full swing in their life and work.

Key takeaways:

  • Learn about getting good at what you do and taking charge of how you do it
  • Discover the purpose in work
  • How connection and contribution are critical to our personal and professional wellbeing
  • Why challenging yourself and making an impact gives incredible results


The Creative Advantage

Unlock the creativity within your organisation

In an age where knowledge can be googled, creativity is currency.

An organisation that encourages and values creativity is collaborative, inventive, daring, fun, spontaneous, communicative and enthusiastic.

In a session that mixes information, entertainment and real, practical exercises to help unlock the creativity that is in everyone.

Key takeaways:

  • How innovation, entrepreneurialism and great leadership flow from creativity
  • Why hiring for creativity should be your #1 priority
  • What creativity brings to the boardroom table

Creating an innovative culture

Creating an innovative culture

The greatest resource any organisation has is the space between the ears of its people, but many don’t get anywhere near full value from it. It’s more important than ever for organisations to be innovative, but how do you create a culture where everyone knows that part of their job is to think of better ways of doing things, and where new ideas are captured, assessed, trialled and the best ones implemented?

In this enlightening and entertaining keynote, former host of “The New Inventors” and innovation expert, James O’Loghlin, will share:

  • How to create a corporate culture where everyone from the CEO to the receptionist is encouraged and expected to be innovative
  • 6 steps to creating an innovative corporate culture
  • The role of leaders and managers in fostering innovation
  • How to create a simple, efficient system to grow, assess and harvest
  • How to embed innovation as an essential part of corporate culture, rather than an ‘extra’ that is always shunted to the bottom of the list

Overcoming the barriers to innovation

Overcoming the barriers to innovation

Many of us want to focus more on innovation and improving our business, but find that it just doesn’t happen. What goes wrong? What factors stop us from being innovative, and how can we overcome them? In this informative and entertaining keynote former host of “The New Inventors” and innovation expert James O’Loghlin will explain what the 6 most common barriers to innovation are, and how to overcome each one and ensure that making your business better becomes a part of your work every day.

Session take-aways:

  • An understanding of the factors that prevent us from being more innovative
  • Easy to implement strategies to overcome those barriers
  • Strategies to identify opportunities for innovation and take advantage of them

Global Markets

Trends, Growth & Opportunity

We live in an increasingly globalised world, one that is rapidly changing and expanding to incorporate new international trade deals, problems in European markets and big shifts in economic powers. In this rapidly changing economic climate, Saul provides comprehensive insights into how your businesses can reduce risk, maximise opportunity, keep up and grow!

Previous presentations have included:

  • The Global Financial System
  • Free Trade Agreements
  • Implications of the rise of China and India
  • Prospects for commodity prices
  • The meaning of 'Brexit' and Trump


Australia's Economic Market

A glimpse at our long term future

Saul has been described as the most 'pre-eminent macro-economist in Australia'. His extensive knowledge comes from monitoring, analysing and predicting trends in the Australian economy as a core part of his numerous roles as Chief Economist for well over 25 years. In this presentation, Saul ties together macroeconomic data and complex fiscal policy to provide valuable insights into how current economic trends can impact your business.

Previous presentations have included:

  • Short-, Medium and Long-term Outlooks for the Australian Economy
  • Australian Society and Politics
  • Talks on Productivity, Commodities, Employment, Housing, Population, Agriculture
  • Talks on individual State economies
  • The Trade-off between 'Security' and Productivity

Creating the performance habit in 2018

January 25th 2018

How can you make things different in a positive way in 2018?

The key is to change our habits. We don’t become what we think about… we hardwire behaviours by creating habits that reflect who we want to be.

So how do we create new habits to perform at our best in 2018?

How giving helps create a successful business

December 19th 2017

One of the most common ways people refer to this time of year is as the “season of giving.” So this is a great time of year to reflect on the role giving plays in creating a happy life and a successful business.

Giving Back, All Year Round

December 19th 2017

The holiday season is one where we try be our best selves. In particular it's a season of giving and giving back. But what if you made giving a year-round objective? 

To Give is to Live

December 19th 2017

Giving is a paramount action to feeling human.

When your action can alter another person's emotions in a positive way, it's the best type of magic.

Although there are many ways to give. I thought I'd share a few first hand examples to give you inspiration.

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