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Sam Cawthorn

April 5th 2013 Slideshow

Adam Fraser

April 5th 2013 Slideshow

Leadership Great South Coast


Rachael was fantastic. She gave engaging presentation that left the audience wanting more

Franchise Director| H&R Bloc


Our delegates were very enthusiastic with the content and delivery. Over the years we have had many presenters at conferences and Craig's was without doubt one of the best experiences we have had

Vice President at Clarke

Andrew Winston - Testimonials

You nailed it!  Your presentation was perfect and helped to set the stage for the work that the group would do for the next two days

National Association for Environmental Management

Andrew Winston - Testimonials

Andrew Winston delivers a vision of the future that’s hard to find anywhere else.

Case Western Reserve University

Andrew Winston - Testimonials

The summit was a major success. The seeds Andrew planted were powerful. He spoke in a way that connected a logic that was both businesses inspired and ecologically inspired.

Green to Gold

The Definitive Book on the Greening of Business.

Green Recovery

Your Company's Green Guide to Surviving the Recession—and Thriving in the Upturn.

Professor, Harvard Business School

Andrew Winston - Testimonials

Green to Gold provides the definitive thinking on how business leaders can address environmental issues.

Chief Environmental Strategist, Microsoft

Andrew Winston - Testimonials

Winston's approach is ideal for companies working through these tough economic times. Green Recovery shows how companies use technology and green thinking to create smarter, stronger businesses that do well in good times and bad.

CEO, The Carbon War Room

Andrew Winston - Testimonials

Andrew has a preternatural ability to perform, please, and above all leave everyone cheering. His insight into the industry is incomparable...

President, The North Face

Andrew Winston - Testimonials

Your talk was so energizing... You did a wonderful job balancing tangible facts, with action to be taken... With great humor along the way. Thanks again for such an inspiring message.

The Big Pivot

Radically Practical Strategies for a Hotter, Scarcer, More Open World

Based on his newly released book from Harvard Business Press, Andrew Winston, a globally recognized speaker and green business expert, lays out a new vision for business strategy in an unpredictable world of constant change.

His talk will...

  • Explore the three mega-forces coming to bear on companies and society, changing business – and life -- as usual
  • Lay out some of the key hurdles to longer-term profitability and value creation…and provide some core solutions to today’s business challenges
  • Describe how companies are creating new value through radical efficiency, heretical innovation, and by putting the right value on what’s really important
  • Andrew makes the case that the way companies operate today cannot keep up with the rate of change in our physical world. Organizations that make the Big Pivot will find the only practical path forward in a volatile environment. The leaders will build resilient, flexible organizations that profit by creating a healthier, more sustainable, more profitable world.

The Greening of Business and Society

Finding the Gold in Green

This engaging talk by a globally recognized speaker and green business expert will explore the environmental pressures and powerful stakeholders driving companies to go green.

Andrew will describe how the world's best companies use environmental pressures to innovate and profit in a crowded, resource-constrained world. Through fun and fascinating examples from a range of industries, Winston demonstrates how leading companies…

  • Get Lean: Amp up energy and resource efficiency to save millions
  • Get Smart: Use data about products and supply chains to save money, drive performance, and serve customers better with innovative new offerings
  • Get Going: Engage and excite employees to solve the company’s, the customer’s, and the world’s environmental challenges
  • Get Creative: Rejuvenate innovation efforts by asking heretical questions that challenge everything from operations to products to business models.

Andrew Winston

Andrew is a globally recognized expert on green business, appearing regularly in major media such as The Wall Street Journal, Time, BusinessWeek, New York Times, and CNBC.

Brett Kelly

As the founder and CEO of Kelly + Partners Chartered Accountants, Brett Kelly doesn't just talk about money; he lives and breathes the notion that 'Your Money is Your Choice'.

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