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eVideo Program

Lisa McInnes-Smith is one of Australia's leading experts in leadership and inspiration.

This eVideo program helps discover what it takes to become an inspired leader in today's workforce.

eVideo Program

If you knew what you knew...... you'd be unstoppable!

This fascinating eVideo series teaches your leaders and teams to become an unstoppable force for innovation and change in any business, ensuring that innovation flourishes and talent is attracted to and rewarded by your business.

Flow: The key to high performance

Dr Adam Fraser's FLOW eVideo program can help your team to develop a calm, focussed mind, manage their energy levels and deliver consistent high levels of performance.

Manager, Gold Key Distribution


Siimon has a unique way of engaging an audience – his presentation was inspirational with depth. With a group of highly successful entrepreneurs, he was able to identify some key indicators of 'why people fail' that really resonated with the attendees. Siimon is a master storyteller, a calming presence on stage and a pleasure to do business with.

The Asian Banking Summit

Scott Bales Testimonials

Scott is one of the up and coming leaders in mobile financial services. He's got an abundance of broad experience in the hottest mobile markets on the planet, and gets the interaction imperative in the payments, banking and handset ecosystem.

FST Singapore

Scott Bales Testimonials

Scott is the both leading the industry and across every current important movement in mobile banking. His presentations and knowledge make him someone to listen to.

Mobile Commerce Summit Singapore 2012

Scott Bales Testimonials

Scott is obviously passionate about mobile commerce. His content is industry-forward and delivery, energetic and engaging. He is not afraid to take side, express and defend an opinion.

Next Bank Asia Singapore 2012

Scott Bales Testimonials

Scott is himself on the stage, as a passionate individual and a rare industry leader in the intersection of banking, technology and trend. His talk conveys so much of his passion, energy and insight. Simply contagious!

The Australian Financial Review.

Stephen Koukoulas - Testimonials

The Prime Minister's Office has placed a premium on economic and policy advice recruiting high-profile market economist, Stephen Koukoulas.

The Australian Financial Review

Stephen Koukoulas - Testimonials

One of Australia's most influential economists.

Alan Kohler, Author and ABC TV journalist

Stephen Koukoulas - Testimonials

One of the most articulate economists in Australia.

The Kouk's Influencers

The Kouk's Influencers

Keynote and Economist in Residence

Economics matters. Understanding where the economy is and where it is going will drive profits, investment decisions, employment opportunities and drive the conversation around social impact.

This is why the weekly run of economic news is so important. Keeping up to date with these trends, what they mean for interest rates, the Australian dollar and financial markets is the key to staying ahead of the pack. It is also where policy issues are so important. And this is not just interest rates, but what the government does on tax, spending and changes to rules and regulations.

And of course, the critical thing is what to do about this news, how it might impact your business, your clients and your personal finances.

There are numerous influencers in the economy including (in no particular order):

  • Superannuation
  • Housing
  • Labour Market
  • The Next Federal Election
  • Retail Sector
  • Federal Budget
  • Gender Inequality
  • Interest Rates
  • Unemployment

As an Independent Economist and Social Commentator, Stephen can deliver a keynote, drive a panel discussion or become your Economist in Residence to deliver regular economic updates and commentary that affect you.

Bank 3.0

In BANK 3.0 Brett King looks at the latest trends that are redefining financial services and payment. He shows that the gap between customer and financial services players is rapidly growing, leaving massive opportunities for new, non-bank competitors to totally disrupt the industry

Banking for Gen-Y and Digital Natives

Moven: Building the Downloadable Bank

Moven is a revolutionary banking app that launched to much acclaim in 2012. This is the story of how near-banks like Moven, Simple, GoBank and others are revolutionizing retail banking on multiple fronts. Brett King tells shares the journey of why Moven decided on a card-less, paper-less, transparent model of banking and how CREDScore, Gamification and the real-time feedback loop is going to change the way we think about banking. As players like Moven continue to achieve what they are aiming for, the way that consumers expect banks to operate has changed forever.

In this highly engagting keynote banking and financial services innovator Brett will:

  • Share his unique journey from conception to creation of Moven
  • What organizations can learn from the Moven story
  • Why selling a checking account may kill your retail bank in the next 5 years
  • Consumer traits of Gen-Y; don’t write checks, don’t visit branches and don’t trust banks

Vision Super


Adam spent the day with our Executive team. Executive level staff can be difficult to cater for but Adam is very credible, he backs up what he says with facts, is engaging, and knows his stuff. The team enjoyed the day and each reported taking something different away from it

Merck Sharpe & Dohme


Our Sales Teams found Dr Adam Fraser to be a very engaging speaker. His material was extremely relevant and thought provoking. He was a big hit again and delivered real practical value

LAWS OF THE JUNGLE: Jaguars Don't Need Self-help Books

Alone, with no food, supplies, or weapons, Yossi Ghinsberg was lost in the Amazon for twenty-eight days. Against all odds, he survived, and his story became the international bestseller Jungle. Now, in Laws of the Jungle, Ghinsberg shares the profound truths the treacherous Amazon taught him. These nine revelations inspire personal consciousness and an evolved perspective on our nature as humans and as beasts.

JUNGLE: A Harrowing True Story of Survival

What begins as a dream adventure for four amicable, if hastily met, muchileros (backpackers) quickly becomes a struggle for survival as they unravel under the duress of the jungle. They are an odd mix to be sure: Marcus, the Swiss mystic; Karl, the shady Austrian geologist; Kevin, the well-intentioned American photographer; and Yossi, the Israeli adventurer.

Jungle is the incredible true story of Yossi Ghinsberg's triumph over the most adverse and frightening of circumstances. It is a tale of survival and human fortitude against the wildest backdrop on the planet.


Yossi Ghinsberg - Testimonials

It's always a challenge to find speakers of the right calibre for these high profile events. Your story was both fascinating and challenging. You possess the extremely rare gift of a great storyteller with the ability to create word pictures which capture the imagination of an audience and take them on a journey with you. We look forward to an opportunity to work with you again in the future."

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