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James O'Loghlin - Testimonials

Thank you for a great presentation - absorbing, thought-provoking and energetic. You were singled out as one of the conference favourites.

Communications and Marketing Manager, The Law Society of New South Wales

James O'Loghlin - Testimonials

We were thrilled with James and the way in which he facilitated the panel discussion. He understood the brief, the aims and the target audience. He made the panellists feel incredibly comfortable and kept the discussion on track and on time. And he injected his wonderful sense of humour!

NSW Department of Health

James O'Loghlin - Testimonials

Thank you for working your magic as MC last Monday at the NSW Premier's Awards. We've received an overwhelmingly positive response regarding the awards ceremony with many mentioning just how much they appreciated your work!

Master of Ceremonies

Master of Ceremonies

After two decades of corporate speaking work in Australia James O’Loghlin is an accomplished and highly experienced MC who is able to draw laughs from whatever is happening whilst running the event in an efficient and appropriate manner. You get the professionalism of an experienced radio and television host who is utterly at home on stage combined with the humour of one of Australia’s best corporate comedians. Watch James O'Loghlin's MC Showreel

 Thank you for your fantastic "MC" services…your cool, calm and collected style not only kept us highly amused, but kept everything and everybody else under control"
- The Starlight Foundation

Innovation is a State of Mind

Innovation is a State of Mind

How often do you have days when you are so busy you don't have time to think? Days when there isn't one spare moment to think about how you can improve the way that you do things? No matter how well your business is doing today, if you keep doing things the same way, in 10 years' time - maybe less - you will have been left behind. To stay relevant and successful, businesses need to keep coming up with better ways of doing things. In eight years hosting 'The New Inventors' ex-Australian lawyer James O'Loghlin met hundreds of people who thought outside the box and came up with new and better ways of doing things.

During this corporate keynote James O’Loghlin will talk about:

  • Why every business needs to be continually innovating and how individuals can do it
  • The three things innovators do better than everyone else, and five things every business can do to build a workplace culture that encourages innovation


Dominic Thurbon - Testimonials

Dominic presentations for our senior client audience were right on brief and really inspired people about the potential to unleash collaboration and innovation. He speaks the language of business, understands business models and tailors his message to suit the audience. His dynamic and engaging style affects real behavioural and attitudinal change and made him a hit with the audience.

Australian Broadcasting Corporation

Dominic Thurbon - Testimonials

Dom Thurbon made us think very differently and we were all buzzing with new ideas at the end of the session. I would highly recommend Dom to work with your team – you will certainly be engaged, challenged and very creative with your approach.”  

Glaxo SmithKilne

Dominic Thurbon - Testimonials

Dominic is a fantastic, dynamic presenter who really demystified the whole ‘technology’ thing for us. His presentation was engaging, entertaining and – best of all – really valuable to us in the way we work.

GM Talent, NAB

Colin James - Testimonials

We constantly heard one name, Colin James, and he has been fundamental to the success of the Accelerate Program over these last four years.

Executive VP, Oracle Inc

Colin James - Testimonials

Truly one of the worlds best facilitators

Managing Partner, Ernst & Young

Colin James - Testimonials

This program has been the best training investment I have seen… Colin is simply outstanding in his ability to hold a group of senior partners engaged for an entire week.

Executive General Manager, Commonwealth Bank

Colin James - Testimonials

Colin brings a level of depth and engagement I have never experienced before in my 24 years in business - brilliant.

"I Can't Believe It!"

Making the ‘impossible’ possible

"I can’t do that!" "I have never been able to [fill in the blank]" "I wish I had the talent to [fill in the blank]"

This session is a deeply powerful demonstration of the reality that what holds people back in their lives are limiting beliefs. Colin James shows participants how to draw a fully rendered, artist quality portrait in ONE HOUR. A life long belief such as "I can’t draw to save my life" is turned on its head in ONE HOUR. This is a startling experience that is a life changer for many.

This session gives participants a tangible and real-life experience for challenging and redefining their belief system. The whole session is 90 minutes of extraordinary learning.

The ultimate lesson from this session is this "If a life long limiting belief can be changed in one hour what else do I (and we) need to question that could bring the changes I (and we) want in our lives (and organisations)?" This session can be a keynote, a workshop or a combination.

What you will learn:

  • How to release the grip of limiting beliefs
  • How to access your natural inner talents – even the ones you thought you never had
  • What possibilities in your life you may have never considered before
  • How badly we have been programmed and how to change it.

Money for Nothing and your Cheques for Free

If you think that money is important (and who doesn't), then so is the ability to process money - in other words, payments. And that's what this book is all about: from processing payments over the internet and on your mobile telephone; to payments via cards, cash and cheques; to massive international payments operations and the challenges faced by banks in these areas, including the continual vigilance needed to avoid money launderers and terrorists.

It's Banking Jim, But Not As We Know It

The future is uncertain. However, if you could identify the most critical things likely to occur in the future today, then you could capitalise commercially upon the opportunities presented. So that's what this book is all about: what are the most critical things that will occur in banking tomorrow that, if you invest in them today, mean that you can make your fortune. A simple enough premise, and one that I hold to be very true. So, if you want to work out how to the most successful bank you can be during the next decade, then this is the book for you.

The Extraordinary Madness of Banks

This is not a book about the financial crisis. This book is about the outcome. It tracks the markets from the day that Lehman Brothers collapsed, and before with Northern Rock, through the reactions of policymakers, politicians, regulators and markets. It shows where the weaknesses were in hindsight, and where the pitfalls may be in foresight. For the amateur and the expert, the knowledgeable and those seeking knowledge, the Complete Banker series provides you with the truth about the banking. Not just the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth ... but the Complete Truth.

Partner and Head of Europe, Polaris Software Labs


The audience couldn't stop raving about your presentation. You know you could be live at the O2 and get a full house!

Chairman, Cambridge 100 Club


Chris spoke at a recent Cambridge100 Club Dinner about the next big developments in technology and what these will mean to business. This was a remarkable talk - insightful, compelling and informative. Chris is a visionary and futurologist with a real command of the factors which shape our future.

Global Head of Financial Services Industry Solutions, SAP


Thank you again for a truly terrific presentation at our SAP Banking Summit event here in The Hague. The event was overall a great success and your participation was really one of the highlights of the entire three days."

Are Bankers Good or Bad for Society?

In previous ages bankers have sometimes pecked lower in the order of society than lepers. Jesus declared their usurous ways immoral. Amazingly, from this disadvantaged position in society, bankers flourished over the past two centuries before imploding spectacularly both financially and socially in 2008. Bankers now don't even trust each other. This illuminating review of the history and future of banking and society explores:

  • Why these former outcasts from high society are natural problem children
  • Ponders whether they have a social future and, if so, what will it look like?
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