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Volkswagen Financial Services Australia


Excellent. Having sat through countless motivational speakers - Chris would rate as the best. He overlapped business goals & personal - very important for people who spend so much time at work. Made me think

Breaking Down the E-Wall - Selling in the new reality

Business is different in the new reality the way we operate and make sales has and continues to change. People and brands are embracing the digital age and using technology and social media more than ever. The digital age has created a virtual electronic wall behind which our clients can now hide.  We all need to embrace the digital age that has provided our world with an unprecedented level of access to communication at the touch of a button. However face to face selling skills have not become redundant. If anything they've become more important than ever

  • Chris will explore the classic "E" Ping Pong timeline and how to break down the "E" Wall
  • Gives audiences specific tools designed to increase sales and shorten the sales cycle. You and your staff will learn modern tools and how to combine them with time-honoured techniques for sales professionals

The Power of Influence

This is the presentation that has made Chris one of the most popular presenters in Australia.

This powerful program makes an IMMEDIATE impact in the areas of communication and maximising the customer experience. Prepare for a HIGH ENERGY presentation that will leave participants with "tools" to PERSUADE and INFLUENCE. Chris has a fresh approach that concentrates on understanding those you are trying to influence, in order to create a stronger connection and ultimately results.

This presentation will help participants explore:

  • The greatest communication, persuasion and influencing tools that are practical and can be implemented immediately
  • Learn a list of "1%" behaviours that significantly improve your results and relationships
  • Increase your persuasion skills to get clients to take action

Chris Helder

Chris Helder creates leaders and sales people with impact. Utilising the Power of Influence he demonstrates how to increase results and sell in the new 'E-Wall' reality.


Brett King - Testimonials

We truly appreciate your insights about the bank and customers of today and the future...their changing behaviour and lifestyles, their attitudes towards new technologies, and their role in changing the future of financial services. It was indeed an honour and a rare privilege to have you as our guest speaker.

NAB Australia

Brett King - Testimonials

The examples King brought into the room were captivating. His perspective on the importance of customer behaviour is critical. Organisations must instead listen and adapt to customer behaviour”

Head of Google Finance, Australia and New Zealand

Brett King - Testimonials

“Brett delivered extraordinary insights to Google’s clients and partners in his BIG SHIFT presentation. At Google we are used to some big ideas and even bigger names, but Brett delivered a unique view that was truly surprising...”

BANK 2.0

How customer behavior and technology will change the future of financial services exposes the massive flaws in the retail banking system due to dramatic shifts that have taken place in customer behavior and the complete failure of banks to recognize and respond to those shifts. The key message is that the banking system is broken, not because of regulation, but because banks just don’t understand or care about their customers anymore.

Brett King

Brett King is the founder & CEO of Moven
Innovator. Futurist. Bestselling Author.

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November 29th 2012 About

ODE Management is a direct management office for some of the world's greatest disruptors, innovators and thought leaders. The speakers we represent are the best in their fields, each making a global impact due to their passion, experiences or downright audacious insights into the world.

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We are a dedicated management team, partnering with the world's leading speakers to provide tailored support for their speaking calendar and business.

The speakers we represent are the best in their fields, each making a global impact due to their passion, experiences or downright audacious insights.

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We are proud to partner with event planners and speakers bureaus around the world - providing instant ‘one stop shop’ access to calendar availabilities and materials.

As a team we commit to values of integrity, transparency and professionalism. From the first contact, to organising flights and travel, we have your back.

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At ODE we only represent speakers we can be passionate about.

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If you walked into our office or opened our latest newsletter – the first thing you would see is how many lives the ODE team have impacted since we began.

As a team we track how many audience members our speakers reach each week, it keeps us inspired, connected and reminded of our purpose.

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Are you taking care of your sales canary?

November 27th 2012

In a recent closing keynote I sought to provoke those assembled with a few challenges.

Following are a few of those things that still stand out for me today. As we move forward into a year of rebuilding, I hope you are as challenged by these observations as I am...

Why Sales People Fail

November 27th 2012

It's commonly believed that sales people fail for 4 key reasons: Lack of persistence,a poor presentation, laziness and not enough proactivity.

If only it were that simple.

I have studied the art and science of effective sales for over 20 years and I believe there are numerous other factors that lead to sales failure.

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