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Are you a Reactive or Proactive Innovator?

November 15th 2011

Is your company waiting for the good old times to return, when consumer behaviour wasn’t shifting into a new age of internet domination and mobile phone applications? In this blog article Sam Cawthorn looks at why this is an irresponsible, yet universal way of thinking, which is doing your business more harm than good. 

The Demise of Physical Banking

November 15th 2011

The traditional way of banking is under threat due to the changing consumer behaviour we are currently witnessing. In this blog article bestselling author of Bank 2.0, Brett King, shares some fascinating facts, figures and future insights with us, as banks all around the world announce branch closures. 

Get Your Energy FLOW! On...

November 15th 2011

Well it’s the end of the year again!  Most of us will soon be having a well-deserved break after yet another intense year, where the demands of life and work have once again increased dramatically, leaving some of us exhausted.

The Challenges Facing Educators Today

September 9th 2011

The world is changing more rapidly than ever, which is creating major challenges for the education sector.  It is apparent that education organisations need to face and overcome these challenges, in order to shift with the trends and remain relevant.

What Do You DARE To Do?

September 7th 2011

Last month the ODE team DARED to run two more speaker showcases, one in Sydney and the other in Melbourne.

Two hundred people gathered on a crisp August morning at Doltone House and a week later another hundred and forty people got together at Maia in Melbourne.  Both audiences were inspired, challenged, moved and DARED by our world class and cutting edge thought leaders.

What is the Future of Education?

September 7th 2011

Creating relevant, engaging and differentiated learning experiences in an uncertain future.   Dominic Thurbon, Chief Creative Officer, ChangeLabs

It is an oft-cited cliché that ‘the world is changing faster than ever’. I would argue that it is a cliché because it is true! Education, in particular, is undergoing a rapid revolution, and I say this from first hand experience. Over the years, at ChangeLabs we’ve worked with over 350,000 students and over 100,000 amazing educators and administrators in primary, secondary, tertiary and vocational education around the world. This revolution is not the ‘education revolution’ of Rudd/Gillard administrations, but a revolution driven by a confluence of interrelated trends: legislative shifts in everything from funding to curriculum, generational change, a changing world of work for which we are preparing students, rapidly emerging technologies and a dire teacher shortage, just to name a few.

Why Inspiration Trumps Imitation

August 30th 2011

Mike Walsh: You can have too much of a good thing, especially if it wasn’t yours to start with. Here’s the perfect example – brands that shamelessly imitate the strategies of their major competitors. I was scouting the Westfield complex in Century City, LA last week and noticed a new Sony concept store a few feet from a classic Apple retail shrine. It was striking how similar both stores appeared, except for one crucial distinction – Sony was devoid of customers.

'Bounce' into the New Financial Year!

July 20th 2011

We have just entered into a brand new financial year and it’s time to plan and prepare for the next 12 months.  With 45% of people unhappy in their current jobs and depression at an all time high, things aren't looking good!  In this video Sam Cawthorn shares with us the three pillars required in business to overcome these issues, allowing us to ‘bounce’ into the new financial year and ensure success!

And then there was Video!

July 15th 2011

Over the last month we have been working hard behind the scenes to overhaul our You Tube page. It is now up to date with our speakers most relevant, engaging and at times, eye opening video content. This means that you now have instance access to a wealth of knowledge from Australia’s leading and most progressive thought leaders.

How do you Read Body Language?

July 7th 2011

Only 7% of our communication is words, 38% is the tone in which we say something, while the most powerful form of communication is body language at a staggering 55%. In this video, communication expert Chris Helder shares some insights into how to read body language and reveals the power of asking questions in order to create a listening behaviour that re-engages people.

Get Prepared to be DARED!

June 21st 2011

Last year we ran our first DARE showcase series in Melbourne and Sydney which were a huge success! This year we are excited to be hitting the road again with our team of thought leaders who will inspire and DARE you to think a little differently.

The Big Shift In How We Spend

June 6th 2011

The world is witnessing a huge modality shift in the banking and retail worlds, with mobile devices becoming the preferred method of payment. While some companies are embracing this shift and prospering, others are struggling to keep up with where consumer behaviour is heading.

Why Adversity Is A Good Thing

May 13th 2011

Only those who have managed to fail greatly have succeeded greatly.

While many fortune 500 companies where laying off and going through massive changes at the start of the Global Financial Meltdown, PepsiCo CEO Indra Nooyi decided to do something different. She travelled around the world boosting her employee’s morale and encouraging them to see the good in every bad situation. This action had a profound impact on the company and also her as a leader. In fact Fortune Magazine named her the most powerful woman in the world in 2009.

DARE Showcase Series

May 12th 2011

We have just finished our DARE showcase series for 2011.  Both events were a huge success so watch out for 2012, which we promise will be even bigger and better!  To view the photos from the showcases go to our Facebook page and watch this space for the speaker highlights video coming soon......

What Is The 'The Third Space'?

May 5th 2011

We are excited to announce Dr Adam Fraser's new keynote topic 'The Third Space' which is the ideal follow on from Adam's previous topic ‘The Art of FLOW’.

'The Third Space' keynote is a high energy look at how we 'show up' in our different tasks, roles and environments in both our business and personal lives. Adam explores the way in which we must move in a continual flow of ‘micro-transitions’ in order to maximize our performance.

Upcoming Events

March 9th 2011

Watch out for our upcoming Speaker Showcases in June and July.

The Next Big Shift For Retail

March 5th 2011

Michael Degnan (of SapientNitro and Engagement Banking fame) and myself headed down to the Starbucks at One Penn Plaza in New York City with the objective of recording our experience of processing a mobile payment using the Starbucks App for the iPhone. The App links your phone to your pre-paid Starbucks card to process payments using a QR code on the screen, which can be scanned by a small reader connected to the cash register. The experience was, in a word, engaging…

Chunk Up! Keeping The 'Big Picture' In Mind

March 1st 2011

Chunk Up! – This is a tool which is powerful in figuring out what is “most important” in every situation. From making sure the “big picture” is in mind, to prioritizing tasks and not “sweating the small stuff”, this is a tool which will help in the clarity of what needs to be done.

Watch the video here.


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