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PR Warrior


He's chock full of enthusiasm and literally bursting with marketing ideas! If you want someone to challenge your thinking, Tim's your (Ideas) Guy!

Suncorp Life


He had a personable practical approach, which was a refreshing change from the usual death by Powerpoint presentations so many of us have endured!

The Link Financial Group


Tim is a marketing genius... I sat spellbound through a 90-minute presentation, and came away with a mountain of ideas.

The Boomerang Effect

Helpful Marketing Returns 
More Customers & Makes You More Money

The marketing world has changed in the past month, 6-months and certainly the past 12-months. The great news is, these changes play right into the hands of business owners and marketers. In fact, there’s never been a better time to market anything. Ever!

In this educational yet highly entertaining keynote, you’ll discover:

  • A simple yet highly effective marketing approach that makes you look like a legend, returns more customers & makes you more money
  • How to bust those self-limiting beliefs holding many business owners back from nailing their marketing

  • How Google works and the trick to getting on page 1
  • How to position yourself as an industry expert

  • A simple 3-step plan for never running out of content that will constantly surprise and delight your prospects and customers

  • Practical ways to use video marketing, podcasting, blogging, self-publishing & social media to generate enquiry & grow your business

In no time, The Boomerang Effect will take hold, and Tim will have you punching way above your marketing weight and attracting more of the right clients without spending a fortune.

Tim Reid

The voice behind Australia’s #1 Marketing Podcast, Tim Reid believes there’s never been a better time to market anything!

Beyond Mobile

Going Beyond Mobile

Augmented Reality is coming. Virtual Reality will take entertainment minutes away. Over the next decade we will look at our smartphone screens less and less as we use things like Magic Leap more and more.

Even if you use your mobile phone's screen to watch a virtual reality event, it will be quite a different experience than staring down at a mobile phone in your hands.

Plus, you will look at, and interact with your world quite differently thanks to beacons, Internet of Things, new kinds of sensors and artificial intelligence systems to fuse data, analyze it, and present it in new ways.

Think this is science fiction?

In this eye-opening keynote you will:

  • Discover the companies that are bringing futuristic technologies to you today, including those in airports, football stadiums, and shopping malls
  • Demystify cloud - We will discuss how cloud is everywhere in this new world and the trends that are soon to be hitting us, whether in self driving cars or augmented reality glasses
  • Learn what your business can do now to keep up and ahead of these coming trends



Every person who attended has been talking about the content for the rest of the day and finding the yes…

The Future is Frictionless

December 19th 2015

If every aspect of your business isn't 'Frictionless' you will soon lose customers, just like Taxis are losing to Uber.

Motivation vs Design

February 2nd 2016

In this video-clip, bestselling author, behavioral researcher and strategist Dan Gregory weighs up Motivation vs Design - Is achieving success really all about what drives us, or are the design structures we build into our lives more important?

Events in the Digital Age

February 2nd 2016

It's no secret; technology is transforming the way we run events. While the value of face-to-face events can never be replaced, there are a number of new innovations and clever options that are starting to really shake things up.

Event Manager, BT Financial Group

James O'Loghlin - Testimonials

It was a delight working with James. He listened, he was flexible and he very quickly grasped our objectives for our conference. As an MC, James kept the whole day running perfectly and as a keynote received the most highly regarded feedback out of any of our speakers. It was a pleasure working with James and I'd be delighted to do so again.

HR Manager, L’Oréal

Andrew Winston - Testimonials

Andrew was a true hit!  He was professional AND accessible, easy going AND credible and competent.  Extremely generous.  He delivered important key serious message in an authentic, real way that resonated with all of us.  Great sense of humour, witty.


Brett King - Testimonials

Brett was fantastic. He received great feedback from all attendees. A number of attendees also commented on his presentation being the best they'd seen/heard. He was very gracious and obliging, and even made time to draft a thought-leader article for one of the attendees.



How to become the obvious choice

As the pace of commoditization accelerates and the emergence of technological disruption threatens our existing business models, we must find ways to remain relevant and differentiated in the hearts and minds of our customers! This inspiring, case-study rich session will show you how to find opportunity in disruption to reverse the downward spiral of commoditization and matter more to your customers than your competition. This journey will require that you:

  • Understand the difference between value creation and value extraction
  • Move towards the very disruption that challenges you and your customers
  • Elevate your Impact in the Five Critical Dimensions that clients and customers value most during times of rapid change
  • Elevate your Perspective by learning at the ‘Edge of Disruption’ and becoming a thought leader in the business models of tomorrow
  • Elevate your Relationships to position you not just as a trusted adviser but as a strategic partner for your customers
  • Act in a way worthy of your desired leadership position

Chairman of the Middle East Banking Forum

Scott Bales Testimonials

Scott delivered a scintillating presentation for us at our Middle East Banking Forum in Dubai. He ranged far and wide on how innovation in the financial services sector is disrupting traditional ways of doing things and creating exciting new business models, products and services.

Event Manager - The Upside


Amanda was an absolute pleasure to work with. True professional from beginning to end! Our audience loved her and so we look forward to working with Amanda again in the future!

Designing a Content Strategy That Will Sell Your Event

January 19th 2016

Let's look at the 5 key ingredients to designing a content strategy that effectively sells your event.

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