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Survive And Thrive In Finance

February 9th 2015

2015 marks the 100th anniversary of ANZAC, 100 years since our troops landed on the shores of Gallipoli.  Matina Jewell served as one of six Commissioners on the ANZAC Centenary Commission alongside former Prime Ministers Bob Hawke and Malcolm Fraser.  In a 100 second interview we ask Matina her thoughts on the ever changing world of finance.

Avoiding "Short Change" In Finance

February 3rd 2015

There can be little doubt that we human beings, on the whole, dislike change.

No finance union, for instance, have ever threatened to take strike action until their members annual leave entitlements were not replaced immediately with ‘a bit of a change’. In fact, doing so would probably lead to strike action… or worse.

IFAA - Independent Fund Administrators & Advisers

Adam Ferrier - Testimonials

He has the ability to make people who are not used to thinking differently, do so! Australian boardrooms need more Adam Ferriers.


Adam Ferrier - Testimonials

100% of delegates rated Adam Ferrier’s presentation “How to change people’s behaviour (yes really)” at Mumbrella360 as either ‘Excellent’, or ‘very good’.

IFAA - Independent Fund Administrators & Advisers

Adam Ferrier - Testimonials

Adam possesses a rare gift to be able to communicate often very complex human psychological issues at a level which our directors could absorb. His presentation delivered its message with clarity and single mindedness.

South West Development Commission

Adam Ferrier - Testimonials

Adam was one of the highlights of the festival. His insights into Social and Consumer Behavior provided were both enlightening and entertaining.

Elite Media Group

Adam Ferrier - Testimonials

Adam Ferrier rates as the number one speaker for both inspiring and enlightening the audience with his wisdom and engaging presence.

The Advertising Effect

The Advertising Effect

How to Change Behaviour 

We all want people to change; whether we want consumers to buy more, employees to work more or colleagues to think more – if people did exactly what we wanted them to we would all be happier… and richer. In this provocative presentation, based on his best-selling book, Adam Ferrier, the man driving consumer engagement for brands such as Levi’s and Pepsi, arms delegates with a new way of thinking around, and inspiring, lasting tangible change using a potent blend of human psychology and advertising know-how. 

Sharing his understanding of the fundamentals of why humans do what they do and buy what they buy Adam will: 

  • Encourage delegates to utilize the behavioural science behind motivation theory 
  • Shed light on the key factors that must exist to create lasting change 
  • Provide tools and techniques to put this new knowledge into practice  
  • Flip everything you thought you knew about why we do what we do on its head 

Your Business Blueprint For Success - TED Institute

March 22nd 2016

It's human nature to only change when we are forced to - well  the time for change has come and gone, now our lives depend on it.
In this frank TED talk, sustainability in business expert Andrew Winston shares the truth about what's to come on a global scale and provides a business blueprint for success in this volitile world.

2014's Sustainability Successes

January 14th 2015

It’s been an amazing 12 months in the world of sustainable business. From climate change to inequality, the scope of humanity’s biggest environmental and social challenges came into much sharper focus this year — as did the scale and range of opportunities to do something about them. And citizens, using new social media tools and old-fashioned marches, rose up to drive change. Both in response and pre-emptively, the world’s leading companies continued to aggressively pivot their businesses toward more sustainable and innovative ways of operating.


The Ultimate Branding Tool Box

If you were a product what box would you come in? If you were a business what uniform would your staff wear? In a world where millionaires are made on blogs, and a website review can break a billion dollar business, what are you doing as a person in business to grow your brand?

Nobody understands the power of a brand more than Johnny Earle and in this passion fueled presentation he talks to employees, CEO’s and business owners on how they can generate a world-class reputation that is impossible to ignore.

Key takeaways include:

  • Shiny packages – simple tricks that you or your team can use to stand out
  • Disruptive marketing – ways to create a buzz that people share
  • First up – how to take a ‘great’ first impression and make it unforgettable
  • Cut through – the messaging you can use to ensure you are remembered


Empowering Entrepreneurs

So many ideas, so little funding! Some of the biggest business success stories were the product of dollar coffees and a loving parent’s garage – including Johnny Cupcakes. So if you have the drive then this presentation will show you how to get behind the wheel and steer!

With utter conviction and complete passion Johnny will talk budding entrepreneurs through the lessons he has learnt on his journey to global domination – and arm them with easy to apply strategies for making their dreams a reality.

Key takeaways include:

  • Defining your brand – creating a product that people can believe in
  • Money talks – how you can generate cash to get up and running
  • Getting back up – how to fail in style, and get back up for more
  • Keeping the focus –simple tricks for keeping your head in the game


Contemporary Leadership

We talk about ‘word of mouth’ advertising as the holy grail of brand expansion, but countless businesses forget the word of mouth generated internally and by their team of millennia’s.

There is no one that understands the mindsets of the millennial workforce than Johnny Cupcakes. In this dynamic presentation he will inspire leaders to create a culture of ‘brand obsessives’, team members who will shout about the company values and engage with the brand on a deep level; resulting in loyal teams and bowled- over customers.

Key takeaways include:

  • Focus Pocus – when the stakes are high, how do we keep our teams focused and driven?
  • Happiness Hypotheses – get your team to fall in love with what they do
  • Supportive Leadership – how do we create a culture where failure is appreciated?
  • Brand Alignment – simple tools to embody the brand in and out of work hours


Inspiring Customer Loyalty

With each new launch the hysteria around the ‘Johnny Cupcakes’ brand continues to conquer the globe. The reaction goes from 10 block queues as anxious fans await for the shop to open to Cupcake tattoos, yes, permanent ones.

In this awe-inducing presentation Johnny will educate you on how you too can create a wave of loyalty and obsession around your products, your business and within your teams through the power of social media & experiential branding.

Key takeaways include:

  • Capitalizing on Cut Through – how to stand out in a saturated market
  • Your Personal Brand – how everything about your first impression counts
  • Experiential Drivers – creating employee, team and consumer experiences that people shout about
  • Effective Innovation – taking existing genius and growing it!

The Ultimate Event Playlist

November 21st 2014

There are many many elements that make up a brilliant event - great catering, the perfect Ode speaker, but once you've got all that in the bag the only thing left is the music!

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