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James O'Loghlin - Testimonials

Well done. I had several people tell me how they were going to put some of your suggestions into action at work today, so you are officially an inspiration!

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August 19th 2013 About

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True Retail Colours

August 7th 2013

Why Do Customers Buy From You?

3 Ways To Improve Your Retail Website Sales.

August 6th 2013

We've all heard that the future of retail will be e-commerce, but the sad truth about most websites is that they don't bring in many sales.

How Walmart's Green Performance Reviews Could Change Retail for Good

August 6th 2013

Walmart's efforts to green its supply chain are about to get much more effective. Sustainability will now play a role in its merchants' performance reviews, which help determine pay raises and potential for future promotion. This is a big deal: these merchants are high-level managers responsible for multibillion-dollar buying decisions. They're the people who determine which products appear on the shelves of the world's largest retailer.

Mobile Payments - What does this mean for Retail?

August 6th 2013

There are those that will tell you it will be many years before mobile payments is mainstream. You'll hear figures like 2014, 2016 or even later bandied around as to when mobile payments will hit mass adoption. However, I believe the primary measure to focus on when looking at these sorts of predictions is first and foremost exhibited customer behavior – the predilection to a shift in the way they pay, bank, purchase or shop.

Future Of Retail

August 6th 2013

In this profile on the future of retail and consumer innovations, author and futurist Mike Walsh talks about the influence of social media on consumer behavior. He uses real-life examples like Japan's Tokyo Girls collection, which enables attendees to use their cell phones to scan the dresses they see and instantly order them. This segment appeared on Carte Blanche, a South African TV current affairs program.

The End Of 'Product Real Estate'

August 6th 2013

It's almost become cliche to observe that the retail sector is in trouble. However, virtually every industry is having to reinvent itself and innovate to stay relevant in a world with changing market dynamics, models of communication and delivery as well as tastes and values.


James O'Loghlin - Testimonials

It was a pleasure having you at our Dinner! We have also had some fantastic feedback from our members and it is great to hear you were well received!

Cards & Payments 2013

Brett King - Testimonials

Brett, you were an absolute pleasure to work with! I cannot fault your professionalism. I have received constant compliments about your presentation, and would be delighted to work with you again. It is rare to find a speaker that can both command a stage and work one on one so successfully!

Breaking Down the E-Wall at Dare Sydney

July 22nd 2013

In this short video filmed at the 2013 Dare Sydney Showcase Chris Helder discusses 'Breaking Down the E-Wall'.

Two Big Banking Predictions

July 22nd 2013

Ron Shevlin (@rshevlin) and Jim Bruene (@netbanker) and I, have been back and forth regarding Ron's article on so-called NeoChecking Account and the news of the GoBank launch here in the US earlier this year. 

The Emergence Of A New Generation Of Business Innovators

July 22nd 2013

When you look at the environmental and social challenges we face, it's often tough to stay optimistic. The worst predictions of climate science are coming true. Resource scarcity – especially water – is a major threat to business and the economy. Worker conditions around the world, like those that lead to the unfathomable tragedies in Bangladesh, can seem like intractable problems. And the political system that we need to tackle big issues is mostly broken.

Who Do You Want Your People To Be?

July 16th 2013

We, as leaders, spend an inordinate amount of time instructing our people on how we want them to behave - using codes of conduct and workplace instructions, on what we want them to do - in terms of processes and with training modules and of course, what we want them to achieve - by outlining their KPIs and conducting yearly, biannual or quarterly reviews depending on just how controlling our own personality tends to be.

What Does It Take To Be A Futurist?

July 16th 2013

What Do You Think It Takes To Be A Futurist? 

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