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The Great Banking Reboot!

April 22nd 2014

Are banks becoming irrelevant? Are payments going to be invisible? Where is our money going to be held? Brett King examines all of these questions and so much more in his latest book.

Time To Get Mean With Anti-Green

April 14th 2014

Apple CEO Tim Cook recently said something to a shareholder that you very rarely hear: take a hike. I’m paraphrasing, but only slightly.

At the company’s latest shareholder meeting, a think tank, NCPPR, pushed Apple to stop pursuing environmental initiatives like investing in renewable energy. Cook went on a tirade — or at least what passes for one from the very cool and collected CEO. He made it clear that he makes choices for reasons beyond just the profit motive. As he put it, “If you only want me to make decisions that have a clear ROI, then you should get out of the stock.”

Are you a not-so-boring Accountant?

April 9th 2014

We're looking for an events industry finance manager. Someone who breaks the mold of the typical finance type, someone who's looking for a challenge, someone who'd rather work in the beautiful leafy suburbs of Balmain than the CBD.

Sound like you? Then read on!

Be Efficient, Effective, Successful

March 31st 2014

Are you as productive as you could be?

In today’s uber fast pharmaceutical industry, the ability to define and do a multitude of tasks quickly is more important than ever. Not just to drive sales forward, but also to make it home for dinner with our family or partner.

Operations Manager, The Morris Group


You clearly had a positive influence on each of my team members and they found your delivery to be one they could understand and relate too.  We each came away from your sessions inspired, motivated and filled with a desire to action things in our own self to make both ourselves and our business as great as we want it to be.


Brett King - Testimonials

Brett, you were an absolute pleasure to work with! From the google hang out before the event to 5pm when you left I cannot fault your professionalism and flexibility. I have received constant compliments about your presentation and Future Bank sessions and I would be delighted to work with you again in the future. It is rare to find a speaker that can both command an auditorium and work one on one so successfully!

Pharmaceutical Selling With Impact!

March 21st 2014

Having trained pharmaceutical salespeople extensively over the last ten years, I have spent a lot of time going on appointments with them.  In that time, I have seen some amazing value adding product presentations.  I have also seen salespeople who snuck up and down corridors trying to avoid the receptionist/gatekeeper who would throw them out.  

Generational Selling

There’s been a lot of talk about the different generations; but now for the first time, Chris Helder, in this razor sharp & high energy presentation, teaches audiences how to use these differences to their advantage & get those all important sales. There are so many scenarios in selling: You are face to face with a Gen Y, dressed smart and have a great product. So why aren’t you closing? You are starting out in your career & you’ve finally got in front of that all important Gen X client. Yet she is not responding well to anything you’re proposing – what’s the block? You are an experienced salesperson going to see a young decision maker. What do they want?

After this one-hour keynote, delegates will walk away armed with key takeaways:

  • What Gen Y needs to do to sell to the Boomers and Gen X
  • How to “unlock” the Gen X clients
  • What the Boomers really want from a younger generation
  • The importance of Gen Y in modern business & the change they are causing in the sales industry
  • The skills to relate to someone of any age
  • A tangible increase in sales results

Body Language Breakdown

Do you wonder why your customers promise to buy from you then don’t follow through? Are you at a loss as to why you & your client aren’t clicking? Or perhaps you’re ready to take your business to the next level. In this energetic presentation delegates will learn to decode the body language of those around them & use it to their full advantage. After all, 44% of communication is speech and the rest is body language:

Full of useful tools and packed with laughs, this keynote will:

  • Teach the audience what is NOT being said. How often does a customer agree with you just to be nice? Participants will know the clues to look for!
  • Delegates will learn everything from understanding the “thigh” to the “feet” and even the “shin grab”! A power packed presentation that drives results!
  • Equip delegates with the ability to ‘unblock’ a difficult client & ensure their message is getting through!

AMP Services Ltd


Very well received, topical, entertaining and connected well with our Leadership Team's messages for 2014.

HR, Wesfarmers Insurance

Stephen Koukoulas - Testimonials

The feedback from the participants has been fantastic.  You really make a serious subject interesting and engaging!

Regional Director - Head of Edge (Innovation) at AIA

Scott Bales Testimonials

Scott holds great insight into the disruptive dynamics at play in the ongoing mobile revolution. Scott frames the emerging expectations of customers and the disconnect in businesses in meeting those needs.

Manager, Centre For Marketing Excellence at Singapore Management University

Scott Bales Testimonials

Scott is dynamic and vibrant. He is able to engage the audience with his interesting analogies and concepts in the tech-world through: "Are you ready for Isaac". In which he delivered a huge amount of insights within a short time.

Resilience in a Hotter World

March 21st 2014

Andrew Winston is a globally renowned sustainability expert who specialises in giving businesses the tools to, not only survive in this new world of environmental pressure, but to thrive. 

In this excerpt from the cover story of leading business publication Harvard Business Review, Andrew discusses how businesses of all sizes can increase their resilience as the globe heats up.

FI-TS Germany

Brett King - Testimonials

Brett has the ability to show how the future will feel. He reached the audience emotionally in his extraordinary speech and made them discuss and think about the new direction of customer behavior and lifestyle in finance. His presentation is a real all-time highlight! Still receiving enthusiastic feedback from our clients, we highly recommend Brett speaking at your event.

Are You Lost in Translation?

March 21st 2014

Do you find your message constantly gets lost in translation? When you are dealing with clients older than you do you see them switch off? Or maybe you are selling the latest piece of tech to the Gen Y’ers and you keep losing their business.

When selling to different ages, the key to success is anything but one size fits all. 

In this short video I’m going to outline exactly how to close the sale whether you are dealing with an old school boomer or a trendsetting gen Y’er.

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