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Innovation is YOUR State of Mind | Workshop

Innovation is YOUR State of Mind | Workshop

In his keynote, ‘Innovation is a State of Mind’, James O’Loghlin identifies the 3 building blocks of innovation; in this dynamic follow up workshop, participants apply those principles to create and grow their own ideas to improve their business. This 1 hour to half-day workshop will get delegates identifying opportunities, solving problems and thinking on their feet as they are challenged to unleash their creativity and think up develop new ideas to make their business better. Delegates will leave armed with the necessary tools to impart real change within their organisations, for years to come.

Takeaways from the session include:

  1. A large number of thought through and practical ideas that the business can implement
  2. The growth of a new culture that fosters innovation and collaboration
  3. Each delegate will have a new found belief in his or her ability to 'think up' ways of doing things better, and know how to grow and use their ideas

Could you be Chief of Client Relations for the World’s Best Thought Leaders?

March 3rd 2014

 ODE Management is a Professional Speakers Management Agency with offices in Australia and the USA. We are seeking an experienced ‘Chief of Client Relations’ to join our fun sales team.

You will need to be super organised, have a confident personality and extensive experience in sales and account management. A passion for personal development would also be a bonus. Our speaker team range from inspirational authors, business leaders and media personalities.

The Key Is In The Cloud

February 28th 2014

If you work in telecommunication then you know Cloud computing is all the rage.

But what you may not know is that, behind this influx in cloud computing, lies an environmental motivator.

A recent study from Microsoft compared the environmental footprint of running business software internally or with an outsourced provider (in this case, Microsoft). The study showed that, compared to running their own applications, by outsourcing companies can reduce the energy use and carbon footprint of computing by up to 90 percent!

Telcos Are The New Banks

February 28th 2014

Everywhere you look right now, there are carriers trying to muscle in on the mobile wallet and payments space and rightly so. There are already a plethera of mobile carriers fully engaged in mobile payments right now, from Safaricom in Kenya, Orange (with Barclays) in the UK, the list goes on.

3 things To Take Away From Sochi

February 28th 2014

If you were watching the Winter Olympics closely, you’ll have noticed that many of the medal winners are using special mental rituals to maximize their performance.

In any one day of working in the telco sector you will most likely be faced with a high workload, a multitude of meetings with varying departments and an expectation that you are constantly 'on'. Many of these same techniques from Sochi can be used by those working in this space to improve their results.

Beat The Block!

February 28th 2014

You’re in a meeting with some of the big wholesale buyers of your newest business product.

It’s been a labour of love, your team has spent months perfecting the technology & positioning. You are feeling confident & prepared.

You leave the meeting & replay the positive words that were said by the client... but they don’t buy, why?

The Big Hang-Up!

February 28th 2014

My first job out of university was taking complaints for Telstra. I joined the company about a month before Optus joined the market and within 6 months of joining I had been made supervisor - such was the rate of attrition under a barrage from customers who had an alternative for the first time in Australian history.

You Are What You Think

February 28th 2014

Working in telecommunications, you engage with people on a very personal level. Your business is connecting people around the world, whether it’s for their business or for their relationships.

In this day and age we place a great deal of importance on split second connectivity, we want to send an email and we want to send it NOW. We want to call our partners & we want to do it NOW. So there is no angry customer quite like an angry telco customer.

3 Steps To Better Focus

February 28th 2014

What makes a high performer? Why do some people achieve greatness and others get left floundering behind?

The Death Of Credit Card Points

February 26th 2014

The core problem with credit cards today for consumers is that they are fundamentally designed to encourage spending, in order to generate revenue for card companies and issuing banks. While debit cards are marginally better for consumers on an interest rate perspective, the lack of visibility on spend and overdraft fees means that in the US the average consumer pays $225.00 in fees per year[4] on a debit card/checking account – that includes all those “free” checking accounts, which are anything but!

It's Now Easy Being Green

February 26th 2014

Nature is valuable. But figuring out how valuable has been challenging. By some measures, the services that nature provides business and society — clean water, food and metals, natural defense from storms and floods, and much more — are worth many trillions of dollars. But that number is not helpful to companies trying to assess how dependent they are on natural resources, or how to value them as business inputs.

Your 5 Step Business Reset

February 24th 2014

Ok, we’re one month into the new year, how are you going? Not quite where you were hoping to be? More often than not, one month into the new year our resolutions are long forgotten. So here’s a short business reset to get you back on the straight and narrow and hurtling toward a brighter business future.

Find Your Purpose

February 24th 2014

I genuinely believe my accident was a blessing for me.

I know that sounds crazy, how could an event that nearly killed me and left me down some limbs be a blessing?

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