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Positive, Positive, Positive, Negative

Get people to take action with and follow you with this tool of influence. Be the ultimate leader and create a collaborative and cohesive team with everyone working to the same outcome. Constructive leadership skills at their best.

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Understanding The Art of Good Conversation

Small talk going nowhere? With your pen at the ready note Chris’ F.O.R.D formula. Use this tool to achieve the ultimate conversation and have people open up, share and be vulnerable. Perfect your networking skills & take them to the next level.

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Thanks for contacting ODE

April 18th 2013 About

Thank you for contacting ODE. 

It's our pleasure to be able to assist you with your enquiry. Our team has been notified and someone will be getting in touch shortly.


The Third Space

Daily we undertake dozens of different roles and tasks. Dr Adam's research and the research he partnered with Deakin University on showed that what we do in this transitional gap (The Third Space) has a huge impact on our happiness, performance and balance. The research also showed that all too often we carry the mindset and emotional state from one activity to the next – leading to negative and occasionally disastrous consequences.

The ULTIMATE Book of Influence

10 Tools of Persuasion to Connect, Communicate and WIN IN BUSINESS.

For business leaders and managers, as well as those who work in sales, the power of influence can be a potent advantage. The ability to persuade others based on what you know about them is the first step to convincing someone to buy your product or buy into your business vision. In The Ultimate Book of Influence, author Chris Helder—a master of communication and one of Australia's most sought after speakers on influence—shares ten essential tools that will enable you to influence others so you win the sale or seal the deal.

Stephen Lundin


In ODE I've found a team that are naturals at choosing the attitude, being present, making the client's day and above all, that love to play. Most importantly, for a person that travels consistently, I am always made to feel a valued part of the family.

Peter Sheahan


Working with ODE to build my US business was an awesome experience. In less than two years, we generated over one million US dollars of booking inquiries, accelerated my market penetration by at least 5 years and established relationships that many speakers spend their whole career trying to get. 

DMP Marketing


The team manage to balance their allegiance and commitment to those they represent, with an honest approach to who would work for our clients events and who wouldn't. A refreshing attitude that means if they do recommend someone, we listen!

ThinkTank Media


Just wanted to say thanks for two great presentations last week, Lisa and Mike were both fantastic. They both totally hit the mark with the audience and helped take the event to another level. Thanks – ODE definitely have the best speakers!

PR Manager - Citibank Australia


Thanks for being so patient with all the changes we had to make regarding the dates etc - your positive manner and attitude really do make a difference to our experience with you personally and ODE.

Kraft Foods

James O'Loghlin - Testimonials

Thank you for your great keynote – we got great feedback and you really helped the event focus on how 'the individual' in an organisation can make a difference.

CEO, Koppers Inc.

Andrew Winston - Testimonials

Andrew Winston has a unique way of presenting real-life examples of how companies of any size can approach sustainability. Andrew has a way of inspiring people to think differently with regards to embracing innovation, which leads to creating a more competitive edge in the marketplace

Brett King


Alex is a recognized speaker and panelist in the financial services space, he will continue this thought leadership role with the full support of the Movenbank family.

CEO Movenbank


Alex's wealth of financial services experience, his deep digital industry knowledge and proven success in creating and leading technology teams to world-class implementation is second-to-none

Sam Cawthorn

April 5th 2013 Slideshow

Adam Fraser

April 5th 2013 Slideshow

Leadership Great South Coast


Rachael was fantastic. She gave engaging presentation that left the audience wanting more

Franchise Director| H&R Bloc


Our delegates were very enthusiastic with the content and delivery. Over the years we have had many presenters at conferences and Craig's was without doubt one of the best experiences we have had

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