Bureau updates - March 2021

Pauline Nguyen

Recommended for International Women's Day

Best-selling author and award-winning businesswoman Pauline Nguyen cuts through the white noise to deliver a challenging view on women facing adversity in the workplace. 

Pauline is an original ‘Rare Bird’ – one of Australia’s top 50 influential female entrepreneurs – and is included in Blackwell and Hobday’s global recognition of 200 Women Who Will Change the Way You See the World.

Action to be taken

More information can be found on Pauline's speaker page HERE

Dr. Catriona Wallace

Recommended for International Women's Day

With a dedicated passion for encouraging more women to pursue careers in STEM, Catriona is leading by example. She has an Adjunct Professor with a PhD in Organizational Behavior and is a published author and analyst. Catriona’s links with business schools around the world allow her to share international practice and case studies, and as such brings a strong evidence-based approach to her speaking topics.

Action to be taken

More information can be found on Catriona's speaker page HERE

Lisa McInnes-Smith

Recommended for International Women's Day

After twenty-five years of connecting with corporations and business people, Lisa knows what it takes for people to change - to change direction, change attitude, change behaviour and change outcomes.   

As a naturally entertaining and passionate communicator, Lisa delivers two short videos for this years IWD - perfect bit-sized bureau friendly opinion pieces perfect to share directly with your own clients or your social media.

Action to be taken

More information can be found on Lisa's speaker page HERE

Stephen Koukoulas

Stephen Koukoulas is the go-to economist for many businesses, investors, fund managers and the media. His views and analysis are presented without fear or favour which is why he is such a sought after speaker.

As a speaker Stephen has been called upon to discuss the economy with audiences as diverse as the corporate world to school students - an affirmation of his ability to turn complex economic analysis into terms mere mortals can understand.

The economy is always a hot talking point and even more so this year as the recovery begins and vaccinations roll out. The Kouk gives us some insight into recent labour market figures.

Action to be taken

More information can be found on Stephen's speaker page HERE

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