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Download the Decoding Tomorrow trend report

Download the Decoding Tomorrow trend report

Anders Sorman-Nilsson

It’s hard for most of us to envisage the world in twenty years and beyond. This is oftentimes a failure of imagination and not possessing the thinking tools which allow us to peek into the day after tomorrow.

However, to prepare ourselves for the future, and the world we will be living in - and our kids will be inheriting - it’s crucial for us to start thinking like futurists to ensure we survive and thrive tomorrow - no matter which sci fi scenario unfolds.

As a futurist, I spend my days decoding trends, analysing key data and using (human and artificial) intelligence to discover and unlock the value these trends hold for the adaptive and the cognoscenti. Here, I share my experiential insights into how we can all train ourselves to think like futurists:

Shift into a futurist mindset

Stay ahead of the curve by spotting the trends / drivers of change that are shaping the business landscape of tomorrow. In this complimentary Decoding Tomorrow trend report, learn about the exponential technological advancements and fundamental paradigm shifts affecting our society today, and the foreseeable future, such as:

  • Startups using creative destruction to rapidly lead the charge in tackling friction points in every industry
  • Conversational commerce is making purchases and customer experience more seamless than ever
  • The move from the digital / quantified self to data foresights which drive creative and contextual engagement
  • The impact of tech behemoths consolidating their power by extending their reach politically, economically, and culturally
  • The line between science fiction and science fact are blurring with VR and AR changing our engagement and shaping a new conception of reality

Expand your horizons

Being a futurist isn’t simply about predicting what’s to come, it’s about opening up your mind and changing your mindset so that you can visualise and design the kind of future you want, and then work to create it. Doing this is called Scenario Planning and is essentially the process of becoming a business, education, career or science fiction author yourself.

We do this thought experiment in order to create alternative future scenarios which in turn ensures that you can withstand whatever disruption the future may throw at you.

A good starting point for scenario planning is to identify and track the Drivers of Change - or trends - which are shaping the business world of tomorrow. To help you with this we have created an in-depth Decoding Tomorrow Trend Report which you can download by completing the form below.

Watch me...

Watch me...

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