James O'Loghlin
Innovator in residence

Imagine having a Futurist and Trends Forecaster available to your organisation throughout the year delivering meaningful, thought provoking programs that enlighten, educate and challenge? One that helps you to understand the impact of trends and prepare/adapt before change hits.

At ODE Management, we want to put the power of education and professional development of your people in your hands. You know your business the best. You know your company culture intimately. Chances are you also know what is needed to take your organisation to the next level and to ensure continued professional growth and development in your people, technology and culture.

That is why we have designed this Menu that enables you to select the overarching themes and subtopics that you believe would best benefit your organisation across any given period of time.

Below are 12 different sections of content that lend themselves to being a mix of keynote and workshops and would work over a 1-hour to 3-hour window building sequentially month-on-month.
However, the choice is entirely yours.

Simply tick the boxes (as many or as few) as you like, and we will work with you in putting together the best program to capitalise on having Michael McQueen YOUR Futurist In Residence.

Once we receive your menu choices, Michael and your ODE Consultant will reach out to organise a discussion in greater detail in order for us to curate an incredible In Residence program.

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