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Adapting to Cultural Creation

September 24th 2019

The current compliance to cultural forces is being massively disrupted. How we live, work, relate, communicate, interact and work is in flux and changing daily. This hyper-connectedness is challenging fundamentals of how we as human beings define ourselves and the way we navigate life, work and relationships.

Three weeks ago, I was listening to a podcast on audio drama including a panel of writers, directors and performers. As each person on the panel introduced themselves, they started with their preferred pronoun. Of the six people on the panel 4 of them indicated that they wanted to be referred as ‘them’ or ‘they’ rather than the gender-specific ‘he’ or ‘she’. 

The very concept of this pan-sexual, gender neutral, body neutral labelling is cultural creation in action. Those conditioned by the cultural compliance ‘rules’ of gender roles find this stuff incredibly confronting. It is existentially perplexing. 

Technology has disrupted politics. Ashton Kutcher, the once ‘it’ guy in the acting world, said "Twitter will change everything" and his prescience is proved. Trump tweets and markets fall, tensions rise, chaos looms. Confidence in governance has never been so low and cynical. What will the culture of governance be tomorrow, next year and 10 years from now? That’s cultural creation.

So how do we do this cultural creation stuff?

Three things: Want to, How to, Chance to.

Want to: Open-minded, curious and adaptive thinking is required. Open to new ideas and ways of thinking. The closed mind, the defensive posture will retard and limit.

How to: Developing better communication skills, being auto didactic, taking control of your own learning process and journey is essential. In addition, being willing to challenge all the assumptive beliefs currently informing your view of the world.

Chance to: Connecting with communities of interest, ecosystems of learning and thought leadership along with building supports both personally and professionally will provide the conditions to grow and create.

As the demographic emergence of digital natives into adulthood is now being felt we only have one choice: learn how to become a Culture Creator.

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Adapting to Cultural Creation
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