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Brenard Grobler - CEO, Greenstone Pty Ltd

Michael McQueen - Testimonials

Michael is a brilliant speaker and his 4 interactive virtual sessions for our leadership team were very insightful.

Maria Voronina - Strategic Planning Manager, Chobani

Michael McQueen - Testimonials

Michael is an inspiring, knowledgeable, entrepreneurial and visionary professional who has been a fantastic support to the Chobani business over the past two years. I can confidently say that Michael has been instrumental in helping our business address the opportunities and challenges ahead of us. Michael is restless in his curiosity and possesses a genuine desire to help businesses grow. I cannot wait to see what our collaboration brings in the future!

Karen Nash - Senior Vice President, Synchrony Financial

Michael McQueen - Testimonials

We have received nothing but rave reviews from our clients and leadership team about Michael’s presentations. His delivery is a wonderful mix of storytelling, real world examples and tangible action items

Michael McQueen

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Are You Paving the Cattle Track

April 27th 2021

When we innovate many of us do little more than pave the cattle track. But what does this metaphor mean? Michael Mcqueen explores the notion of innovation through re-invention and finds that paving the cattle track may well work in the short-term but it may cause more problems than it solves.

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April 7th 2021 promotions

The New Now
Preparing for the 10 trends that will dominate a post-COVID world

The New Now

April 6th 2021

There is no doubt that recent times have been tumultuous and challenging. Disruption has become a very real and very tangible concept to all of us, and yet times of crisis create a great opportunity for those who are prepared. As this storm subsides and a new era dawns, smart leaders recognize that now is the time to gear up for what comes next.

In my new book "The New Now" I help audiences unpack some of the key trends that we've seen accelerate since the outset of the pandemic. 

Ch 7's Morning Show - The 7 jobs your kids will have that dont even exist yet

January 19th 2021

In this interview on Ch 7's Morning Show, 6-time bestselling author and trend forecaster Michael McQueen explores some of the professions of tomorrow that you've never heard of.

Demystifying Artificial Intelligence

January 19th 2021

In this short video, 6-time bestselling author, trend forecaster and business strategist Michael McQueen brings clarity to the discussions around Artificial Intelligence and explores how it will shape the future.

5 Trends that will Shape the Future Workplace

January 19th 2021

In this short video, futurist and bestselling author Michael McQueen explores the 5 key trends that will shape the workplace of the future

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