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Recode Your Leadership

March 18th 2020

In these challenging times the need to adjust and recode your leadership to meet the unique demands placed on our organisations by the fallout of Covid-19 is the new relaity that all leaders must learn to overcome.

How Virtual Banking Licenses Benefit Consumers

February 21st 2020

Why do we need virtual banks? Is this just another barrage of buzzwords the banks are using in the hope of gaining some positive media coverage and a few speaking engagements? Or is there something of value in a virtual bank for consumers?

How Artificial Intelligence will shape 2020

February 16th 2020

AI or Artificial Intelligence has grown from a concept to hundreds of commercial deployments, Scott Bales looks at how AI will shape 2020.

How will IOT shape 2020

February 16th 2020

Internet of Things means smart devices everywhere, but how will IOT shape 2020?

Cloud Technology continues to grow, but where will it thrive in 2020

February 16th 2020

Cloud isn't new, and its impact around the world is only just starting. Scott Bales look at how Cloud will shape 2020.

Why Singapore's Virtual Bank Licenses Will Re-Shape Banking

February 16th 2020

The virtual bank licenses in Singapore are a vital step forward for the banking industry globally. Scott Bales looks at why these licenses are key to changes in banking.

What Impact will 5G have in 2020

February 16th 2020

We've been hearing about the coming of 5G for a few years now, but how will 5G shape 2020?

Can Blockchain become more than just Bitcoin in 2020

February 16th 2020

The underlying technology of Bitcoin is Blockchain, and in theory has amazing potential to transform entire industries. Futurist Scott Bales looks at where Blockchain is heading in 2020

Emerging Technology Trends to Watch in 2020

February 10th 2020

With hundreds of buzz words in technology, it's hard to know which technologies will shape industries. Here are my technology trends that will shape 2020.

The Innovative Culture Battle is Real

September 24th 2019

Change is imperative, yet many organizations’ transformation initiatives meet numerous setbacks, failures or delays. Conversely, those that succeed are eventually confronted with the reality that they are not advancing as desired. At best, these transformations put the organizations on par with newer and more agile rivals. As the pace of change accelerates, organizations must find strategies for enhancing growth. This creates the need to establish agility and digital capacities to effectively compete with other organizations in a hyper-competitive environment. 

Modern Leadership Styles Reshaping the Digital Economy

August 19th 2019

The digital revolution is causing an enormous change in reshaping leadership styles. These changes include swift and far-reaching technological changes, a shift from physical attributes towards knowledge, more dispersed and less hierarchical forms of organization and globalization that supports the spread of information.

5 Factors Driving Performance in 2019

March 19th 2019

Scott Bales is a global leader in the cutting edge arena known as “The Digital Shift”, encompassing innovation, culture, design, technology and mobility in a world gone digital. A thought leader through and through, Scott thrives on the intersection between cultural and behavioural changes in the face of technology innovations. In this video Scott details five global factors that have influenced industry performance in 2019.

Fintech's culture challenge

April 21st 2018

What happens when you transplant the DNA of Silicon Valley into financial services firms?

It’s quite a big leap for a traditional HR division.

The Proptech Opportunity

February 15th 2018

Property on the blockchain? Smart contracts and bitcoin-like management of decentralised property ownership is coming. And that's just the start.

Although consumer demand has driven the widespread adoption of online real estate listings, the mechanisms and processes of real estate have gone largely unchanged for decades - or longer.

That's all starting to change.

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