Jobs of the Future

February 24th 2020

In this speech, technology futurist Shara Evans will provide you with state-of-the-art information on technologies such as AI and robotics, then take you on a journey into the job market of the 2030s and beyond. While many jobs may disappear or change in fundamental ways, emerging technologies will also bring about many new opportunities.

We're living in a time of massive changes to our society, which are impacted by geopolitical events, population growth, climate change and rapidly accelerating technological advancements. On top of this is the convergence of medical research and technology – where we’re on the cusp of humans not only living much longer than we do today but also being enhanced by technology.

Technological change is going to have a massive impact on the job market in Australia and around the world. Yet, somehow there seems to be a major disconnect between the acceleration of technologies such as AI and Robotics, and their impact on the workforce.

in this speech Shara lays out a wide range of new job categories that will need to be filled and will start you thinking about the skill sets required for these jobs, as well as providing thought-provoking insights and a roadmap for kick-starting the transition process in your firm.

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Shara Evans shows organisations how to take advantage of the opportunities underpinned by emerging technologies. As one of the world’s top female futurists, Shara is one of those rare individuals who merge incredible technical skills with an innate understanding of the social and economic impact of new technologies.

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