Keeping The Events Industry Relevant

How does an events company make sure that, with the development of new technologies and new consumer trends, they continue to stay ahead of the relevance curve?

In the last five years we have seen, seemingly indistructible companies, fall by the wayside. Companies like Borders, Blockbuster, Nokia, on the other hand we've seen some remarkable reinventions. Lego, recognising that digital was going to disrupt their brand, created a range of incredible online games.

As the gate keeper to some amazing venues, talent and other event services you, and your clients, need to be asking 'how relevant is my business, not just now, but in one, two, five years time?' And once you have your answer, steps need to be taken to stay ahead of the competition.

In this short video I give you the tools to start answering these questions with some actionable steps to keep you on top.

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Keeping The Events Industry Relevant
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