Responsible Technology & Sustainability

July 12th 2021

I can think there is no better topic to talk about when we're thinking about sustainability and the future of humanity than the ethics of technology - and particularly artificial intelligence. It currently is the fastest-growing technology sector in the world - valued at around $327 billion, and expected to grow to $500 billion within the next three years. Disturbingly, there is little to no control or regulation over this incredible technology that within the next two years will be 80% of all foundational components of all infrastructure.

If we do not start to address how we can build sustainable infrastructure and sustainable technology, the experts are predicting that there is a one in six chance that AI will be responsible for the demise of humanity over the next hundred years. I would love the opportunity to talk with you and your organisation about this - about how responsible infrastructure and responsible technology, particularly artificial intelligence, is something we must address when we're talking about sustainability.

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Dr Catriona Wallace is an entrepreneur in the Artificial Intelligence field, and Founder & Executive Director of the Stock Exchange listed company Flamingo AI - a Machine-Learning company with headquarters in New York and Sydney. 

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