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Now is the time for Emotional Leadership

March 16th 2020

Speaker, executive advisor and Founder of Switch Learning + Development Phill Nosworthy chats with Ode Managements Leanne Christie about the need to for a shift in management style in times of crisis, such as those that we face right now.

How Smart Disconnection Is The Secret To Deep Real World Connections

January 8th 2020

In a fast-moving world, our ability to connect with ourselves and others in a meaningful way is getting more and more difficult. Sitting right at the heart of the challenge is our own relationship with technology. No one would deny that our favourite gadgets and devices enable us to do incredible things at work and in our own lives, but without acknowledging the potential downsides of always being switched on and plugged in, we risk running headfirst into poor mental and physical health, along with weak and chaotic real-world connections.

5 Ways To Recruit Top Talent (for Start-ups Who Can’t Match Big Salaries)

January 8th 2020

One of the biggest challenges for any start-up is finding the right talent. In big cities, they must compete with large, well known or global organisations that are appealing to job seekers due to their competitive salaries and bonuses. This can be intimidating and present challenges in the recruitment process. However, there are distinguishable career rewards that set start-ups apart from the big guns when it comes to employment offerings, giving you a different currency to play with. Highlighting these incentives is key through the recruitment process to ensure that top talent gravitates your way instantly. 

Overcoming Obstacles

August 20th 2019

Phill Nosworthy is a powerful catalyst for transformation, equipping leaders and brands with insights for making life and work meaningful in times of massive change. 

Trust and Leadership

March 5th 2019

All relationships rise and fall on a tide called trust relationship - whether it is a work connection or an intimate connection, or the connection between brands and their consumers - None can thrive without trust.

Phill Nosworthy

Phill Nosworthy is an executive advisor, futurist, speaker and author in the subject areas that surround making business and life meaningful.

Being the kind of leader you’d want to work for

March 2nd 2018

Here's a fact from the high arts of management theory: It's easier to scare the crap out of your team than it is to inspire them with an exciting vision of the future.


January 25th 2018

Leadership has become a tricky issue in today's purpose-connected workforce. It's no longer just about the money, even beyond the Millennial set.

So how can leaders increase performance in a purpose-driven world?

We’ve Only Told Half the Story of Purpose at Work

December 19th 2017

If I gave you a cheque with a LOT of zeros on it, would you go to work on Monday?

This is a question I’ve asked groups all around the world. It’s a question that makes HR and team leaders flinch. But it shouldn’t. In fact, it’s a deeply revealing question about the primacy of work in our lives.

Making Meaning for Millennials

October 30th 2017

Meaning is very quickly becoming the most powerful driver of engagement, fulfilment and performance in the workplace.

The movement towards meaning has been bubbling away for some time, but it’s still pretty misunderstood. A few years ago a major report from the Career Advisory Board made a couple of eye-opening findings. When asked, managers felt the most important factor for millennials was securing a high-paying job. But when that question was asked to millennials themselves - money was secondary. For millennials, meaningful work was the single most important factor in defining a successful career.

Get the gift of amazing research

August 1st 2017

On the heels of another incredible DARE Speaker Showcase in Sydney last week, one of our most dynamic presenters has put together a gift that you won't want to miss.


May 31st 2017

A brief comment on the role of meaning in a rich and fulfilling life.

Meaning matters to the Millennial

May 18th 2017

Digital disruption, open marketplaces and the rise of entrepreneurship have created a whole new take on the war for talent. Millennial in particular are craving purpose more than just a pay cheque. To engage the best next generation talent and to create high performing teams, smart organizations must tap into the core of human drive for meaning and purpose.

The surprising link between your mindset and your team's results

June 7th 2016

As leaders within our organisations, the way you think about your team literally dictates their performance. In this video speaker, change-maker and executive coach Phill Nosworthy explains how this psychological phenomenon — the Pygmalion effect — can be made to facilitate the development of limitless teams.

Phill Nosworthy

Phill Nosworthy is a powerful catalyst for transformation, equipping leaders and brands with insights for making life and work meaningful in times of massive change. 

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