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Lisa McInnes-Smith

International Speaker Hall of Fame presenter Lisa McInnes-Smith has an extraordinary capacity to inspire audiences to make tangible leader-shifts in behaviour.

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Lisa McInnes-Smith is in the top echelon of corporate speakers on shifting and improving performance. She has presented to more than one million people across twenty-two countries and authored seven bestselling books.   

Lisa has also been instrumental in the transformation of people’s careers and relationships. As the first presenter outside the USA to be inducted into the Speaker Hall of fame, Lisa’s focus is inspiring leaders and creating tangible shifts in their people.   

Her highly interactive keynote presentations take her audience on a journey, an unforgettable experience where they are challenged to embrace a new way of thinking about, and seeing, their current world. Lisa not only inspires people to change but shows them the practical ways they can improve their behaviour and performance. She brings the highest level of collaboration when working with event organisers and in her participation on the day.

After twenty-five years connecting with corporations and business people, Lisa knows what it takes for people to change - to change direction, change attitude, change behaviour and change outcomes.   As a naturally entertaining and passionate communicator, Lisa is as comfortable delivering her dynamic fast paced presentations as she is hosting events as the consummate MC - and delivers her absolute best every time she takes the stage. 

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