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Shara Evans

Teaching organisations to look beyond today, and prepare for the emerging technologies of tomorrow.

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Shara Evans shows organisations how to take advantage of the opportunities underpinned by emerging technologies. As one of the world’s top female futurists, Shara is one of those rare individuals who merge incredible technical skills with an innate understanding of the social and economic impact of new technologies.

Regarded as a leading expert on emerging technologies, cyber security, digital privacy and the future of health, humanity and work, Shara is regularly featured on broadcast television. She’s appeared on ABC’s Q&A, The Project, Sky News, Weekend Sunrise, Lateline, and more and is routinely interviewed by radio, print and online media.

An accomplished entrepreneur Shara is the founder and CEO of leading technology analyst firm Market Clarity and previously founded Telsyte, a strategic telecommunications and technology consulting group.

As a keynote speaker, Shara Evans weaves a narrative of a near future radically different from our current world… but clearly recognisable as the result of today’s newest technological leaps. By contextualising and humanising the research and technology that will shape the next 10-20 years, Shara assists organisations to create and commercialise the products and services of tomorrow.

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