Michael McQueen
April 6th 2021

There is no doubt that recent times have been tumultuous and challenging. Disruption has become a very real and very tangible concept to all of us, and yet times of crisis create a great opportunity for those who are prepared. As this storm subsides and a new era dawns, smart leaders recognize that now is the time to gear up for what comes next.

In my new book "The New Now" I help audiences unpack some of the key trends that we've seen accelerate since the outset of the pandemic. 

Mark Schulman
January 19th 2021

This program takes Mark’s philosophy of being “your own personal Rockstar” to a completely new level! This is a 6 or 12-month program with Mark delivering a new customized short video module each month that Mark calls a “burst of motivation”! The modules would be co-designed with your client to support any messaging that they want to get out to their team and/or to build upon the themes of Mark’s keynote. They would be able to display the videos on their internal website, email them to each employee individually, show them at team meetings, and/or post them on social media…however they would like to use them.

If ROCKSTAR in Residence is booked in conjunction with a keynote, Mark will introduce it at the close of his presentation. If it is booked as a stand-alone program, Mark will join a virtual team meeting live or provide a pre-recorded message at no additional cost to introduce the program and get everyone pumped up. The idea for the program came from a testimonial sent by a meeting planner who had booked Mark for a virtual keynote. She wrote: “We could all use a regular dose of Mark!” That is especially true during the pandemic and got us thinking about how we could deliver that “regular dose of Mark”…and ROCKSTAR in Residence was born.

Michael McQueen
October 26th 2020

If there is one word we’ve heard with great frequency in recent months, it would be ‘unprecedented’. While so much of what we’ve all experienced in 2020 is the definition of extraordinary, it’s important to remember that many businesses have faced existential threats and crises over the years - only to emerge stronger resulting from the experience.

From IBM to Converse, Lego and event Apple, there is much we can learn from businesses that have emerged from acutely difficult times and bounced back strongly.

Keith Ferrazzi
October 21st 2020

Like everyone else, members of corporate boards have had to innovate quickly due to Covid-19. A once-in-a-generation economic shock has put vital strategic decisions on the table without the luxury of in-person meetings. Boards have had to balance the unfamiliarity of going virtual with the pressures of protecting their organizations from catastrophe.

While most boards are still finding that balance, a number of fast-adapting companies have found that virtual board meetings are better than the real thing. Aside from the obvious benefits of reduced travel and increased attendance, shifting to virtual has allowed boards to improve governance and collaboration through shorter agendas, crisper presentations, more inclusive and bolder conversations, and broader exposure to key executives and outside experts.

Peter Sheahan
May 17th 2020

How should we be approaching digital events? That question — on every event organizer’s mind — was among the topics explored in an April 21 “Restarting Events in a COVID-19 World” webinar led by Karrikins Group founder Peter Sheahan. More than 200 participants tuned in to his conversation with Sherrif Karamat, PCMA president and CEO; Kati Quigley, senior director of global industry marketing at Microsoft; and David Peckinpaugh, president, Maritz Global Events.

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