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When the Qantas Think live-interview event was held at Melbourne restaurant Alfred Place in early March, the coronavirus pandemic was only just on the radar in Australia. Dr Catriona Wallce offered insights and learnings that have direct application for corporate leaders now plotting the course through this year of unpredictability.

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Never Waste a Crisis

Leading Through Uncertainty, Change and Disruption

COVID-19 is an example of an entirely predictable disaster. Serious, novel pathogens emerge regularly. None of this minimises or plays down the effects of the current pandemic but it does illustrate that this should be an occurrence that that precisely no one finds surprising. Not only was it bound to happen sometime, evolution tells us it is certain to happen again, too, So how do we lead our teams in times of change and massive disruption?

COVID-19 is an example of an entirely predictable disaster. Yes, its effects will likely be economically devastating (and in some cases personally devastating for those affected in the individual sense), but nonetheless it is still absolutely predictable. Serious, novel pathogens emerge regularly. In the last 20 years, we’ve seen things like H1N1, H5N1 and SARS all emerge, as well as outbreaks and epidemics of older viruses such as Zika and Ebola. None of this minimises or plays down the effects of the current pandemic (which many experts predict may well be worse than all of the above); but it does illustrate that this should be an occurrence that that precisely no one finds surprising. Not only was it bound to happen sometime, evolution tells us it is certain to happen again, too, 

But there is no doubt – predictable or not – that many of us have found ourselves blindsided by just how far-reaching the effects of this pandemic have been. I, myself, have been dealing with my own form of crisis management – I have a team of over 50 people delivering programs in around 4,000 schools a year – including hundreds in the next few months. So you can imagine what operational planning has looked like in my office for the last few days!

Crucially, we cannot allow ourselves to be sucked into thinking purely reactively. We must resist the temptation to be pulled purely into the day-to-day of managing what is right in front of us, and find ways to keep ourselves thinking strategically and learning the lessons we can from this that will help us manage the highly predictable reality of crises, uncertainty and disruption that we will continue to face into the future.

So in this future-focused, provocative and instructive session, we will:

  • Look at the curious reality of just how ‘predictable’ most surprises in the marketplace actually are, and look at what the current events should teach us about strategic, scenario and contingency planning
  • Unpack the ‘physics’ of disruption; how it moves through markets, and how various sources (technological, demographic, geopolitical, consumer and – yes – even biological!) combine to create an ‘edge’ of disruption in every market 
  • Examine the four mindsets of the change-ready leader, and how we can arm ourselves with an approach that makes us more resilient to external shock
March 17th 2020 Trending

With the uncertainty of the COVID-19 virus growing, Keith Ferrazzi is coaching the executive teams of the world's largest organizations virtually. Companies like Delta, GM, & Verizon have pivoted from traditional avenues of engagement and into the virtual world to keep up. You can too.

March 16th 2020 Trending

Speaker, executive advisor and Founder of Switch Learning + Development Phill Nosworthy chats with Ode Managements Leanne Christie about the need to for a shift in management style in times of crisis, such as those that we face right now.

March 16th 2020 Trending

COVID-19 is an example of an entirely predictable disaster. Serious, novel pathogens emerge regularly. None of this minimises or plays down the effects of the current pandemic but it does illustrate that this should be an occurrence that that precisely no one finds surprising. Not only was it bound to happen sometime, evolution tells us it is certain to happen again, too, So how do we lead our teams in times of change and massive disruption?

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Dr Catriona Wallace is speaking for the NSW Government in conjunction with IWD and Women’s Week on a panel at the Talking Women Business Leaders Panel in Sydney.

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In this motivational speech technology futurist Shara Evans shares her inspiring personal story of how she became a business leader and globally renowned futurist — whilst overcoming personal challenges that would have been viewed as impossible barriers by most.

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In a fast-moving world, our ability to connect with ourselves and others in a meaningful way is getting more and more difficult. Sitting right at the heart of the challenge is our own relationship with technology. No one would deny that our favourite gadgets and devices enable us to do incredible things at work and in our own lives, but without acknowledging the potential downsides of always being switched on and plugged in, we risk running headfirst into poor mental and physical health, along with weak and chaotic real-world connections.

January 8th 2020 Article attachment

One of the biggest challenges for any start-up is finding the right talent. In big cities, they must compete with large, well known or global organisations that are appealing to job seekers due to their competitive salaries and bonuses. This can be intimidating and present challenges in the recruitment process. However, there are distinguishable career rewards that set start-ups apart from the big guns when it comes to employment offerings, giving you a different currency to play with. Highlighting these incentives is key through the recruitment process to ensure that top talent gravitates your way instantly. 

August 20th 2019 Trending (Archived)

Chris Roebuck has been a leader in the military, business world and the governmental world for over thirty five years - and has spent much of that time developing the performance of leaders. His unique approach to talking about leadership unleashes the potential they have.

August 20th 2019 Trending

By helping global organizations recognize and transform behaviors that unlock or block strategic goals, Keith Ferrazzi helps create new, more profitable habits throughout every level of the businesses he works with.

August 20th 2019 Trending

Phill Nosworthy is a powerful catalyst for transformation, equipping leaders and brands with insights for making life and work meaningful in times of massive change. 

August 19th 2019 Trending

Where do we look for leaders? What do we expect of them? Where are the men and women with integrity, imagination, compassion, vision and the ability to transmit that vision in a way that will galvanise the nation?

May 7th 2019 Trending

Given the state of the world in which we find ourselves, it’s never been more important for companies to understand and moderate their impact on the world.

'Doing well by doing good' can be a strategy that works to drive results, not a mere cliché or buzzword - But how do we make the choice between profit and purpose?

March 2nd 2018 Trending

Leaders know that innovation is critical to business success. If you don’t innovate you die.

It’s easy to demand your team be more innovative, but much, much harder to lead the way.

Here’s a few simple steps that enables innovation to happen.

March 2nd 2018 Trending

Attitude is the single most important internal tool you have to shape every aspect of your life.

To maximize the power of that tool, it needs to be sharp, you need to know exactly how to use it, and you need to practice with it to bring out its power.

Please begin by taking just a moment to answer this question: What is attitude?

March 2nd 2018 Trending

Here's a fact from the high arts of management theory: It's easier to scare the crap out of your team than it is to inspire them with an exciting vision of the future.

March 2nd 2018 Trending

You never hear job ads looking for people who can effect real change. Sure, there’s the ads seeking “ambitious go-getters”, or the old chestnut: “think outside the box”.

But that’s not really what they’re looking for.

January 28th 2018 Trending

Even the best cyclists in the world need a team. A peloton is made up of competing riders who are nevertheless helping each other. Nothing happens in isolation and we can't perform at our best without others.

January 25th 2018 Trending

Leadership has become a tricky issue in today's purpose-connected workforce. It's no longer just about the money, even beyond the Millennial set.

So how can leaders increase performance in a purpose-driven world?

September 26th 2017 Trending

The value of a strong workplace culture is no longer debated. It’s no surprise that the biggest brand on planet, Google, has also won Fortunes' Best Companies to Work For 6 years in a row. However, this begs two obvious questions a) what kind of culture should your place have, and b) how do you make it happen. Read on.

May 18th 2017 Trending

Digital disruption, open marketplaces and the rise of entrepreneurship have created a whole new take on the war for talent. Millennial in particular are craving purpose more than just a pay cheque. To engage the best next generation talent and to create high performing teams, smart organizations must tap into the core of human drive for meaning and purpose.

May 18th 2017 Trending

With nearly 50% of the world's workforce to be comprised of Millennials in just a few years, they're a demographic your business can't afford to ignore.

March 13th 2017 Trending

2017 is very different from 2007. Social media, automation, buy-with-a-click, customer engagement, big data and the cloud are just some of the things that have, in just a few years, gone from being incredible to being normal. James O’Loghlin contests that it’s naïve to think the next 10 years won’t bring just as much change.

November 29th 2016 Trending

Having helped some of the world's best known brands maintain vitality and relevance, Michael McQueen has seen first-hand how the best organisations and leaders build, maintain and re-gain momentum. Find out where your 'momentum' mojo is... take Michael's specially formulated quiz!

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The other day I was making my son breakfast. I was carefully assembling his preferred mix of Weet-Bix, Chia seeds, cinnamon, greek yogurt and honey. He said to me 'Daddy you're the Wheet-Bix' professor. It both took me by surprise, and made me laugh.  I guess the point my enlighted 4 year was making is that it's pretty easy to be considered a professor these days, where everyone is an expert in anything.

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When a company is small and starting out, everyone has to be innovative. It’s a necessity. You need to innovate to survive, because everything is new. There are new challenges and problems every day, every hour, and a lot of time needs to be spent thinking about how to meet those challenges and solve those problems. Companies have to work out how to supply something of value to customers, how to market their goods and/or services, how to attract and retain the best people and a hundred other things. As they do this, they are being, by definition, innovative.

August 8th 2016 Trending

In the 25 years he led his eponymous theatre company, actor and director John Bell has learned a lot about leadership. Here he shares his experience.

June 7th 2016 Trending

As leaders within our organisations, the way you think about your team literally dictates their performance. In this video speaker, change-maker and executive coach Phill Nosworthy explains how this psychological phenomenon — the Pygmalion effect — can be made to facilitate the development of limitless teams.

February 2nd 2016 Trending (Archived)

I’ve been thinking about the issues that I’m likely to find myself talking about at conferences and events across the coming year. Here are ten things that I think are set to shape and shape the global and Australian economies during 2016.

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